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What is The Edge Total Fitness Solution?

Posted by Greg DiNatale on January 3, 2020

If you are not getting results from your training or fitness program, you are either:

  • Not executing on a well-designed plan, or
  • You do not have a good plan!

At The Edge Fitness Clubs, we have crafted a Total Fitness Solution (TFS) to help solve both of these issues. The Edge Total Fitness Solution is a comprehensive approach to getting results. It includes one-on-one personal training, unlimited use of the Edge Strong small group training program, unlimited entry into the Edge Challenge, and access to our nutrition program.

As a personal training client you gain access to the Total Fitness Solution (TFS). It starts with a regular meeting with your trainer; most of our clients meet with their trainer twice each week. Your trainer will create a program based upon your current fitness level and capabilities and your goal. It will include an exercise routine you do both when you are with your trainer, and when you are working out on your own. Yes, you get homework!

We provide each client with the number of calories and the best supplements they need to get to their goal. The toughest to nail down for most, your nutrition program will determine your success in getting to your goal.

Edge Strong team training is an effective and well-balanced full-body workout led and taught by our trainers. Homework is always easier when you get to work in a group. Imagine being able to work with a trainer and a group of gym friends every day if you wished? That’s Edge Strong!

The Edge Challenge is an eight-week weight-loss contest designed to provide lasting fitness results. Having a deadline makes a difference! Along with the extra accountability, you get extra workouts, extra motivation, and teammates to help you along your journey.

Building and maintaining a healthy Edge community is a big part of our TFS. When you are among a group of energetic, positive people and led by a fitness professional - you will succeed! Our goal is to get you to the results, accomplish any fitness goal, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get help executing a fitness program designed specifically for you. Become part of the Total Fitness Solution! 

Start your journey with our Total Fitness Solution by booking your FREE fitness assessment! Click here to get started!