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Studio Classes


Weekly Les Mills™ Classes


Weekly Cycling Classes


Weekly Zumba Classes


You’re drenched in sweat, out of breath, and ready to take on the world. Our cardio-based classes use your own bodyweight to torch calories, push your limits, and build stamina.  Are you ready for burpees, high knees, and box jumps? Then let’s do this.


We turn the lights down and turn the music up so you can focus on what’s important...YOU.  Cycling is one of the best cardio workouts; you control the resistance and the speed. Our inspiring instructors will coach you to your best sweat with a mixture of hills, Jumps, tap backs, and sprints!


We rise by lifting others...and lifting heavy weights. In a strength class at The Edge Fitness Clubs, expect to use dumbbells, barbells, and other equipment to target each muscle group. You’ll leave each class sore today, and probably sore tomorrow!


Lose yourself in the music, and find yourself in the best shape ever. Edge dance-based classes are taking the “work” out of workout by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning fitness party. Like to laugh? Great.  Like to sweat?  Perfect. Then come take these classes.

Les Mills™

Les MillsTM is on a mission to create a fitter planet. These choreographed strength and cardio classes will take your fitness to the next level. Workouts powered by science that increase muscle activation and get you outside your comfort zone.

Mind Body

It’s not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself. Mind/Body classes at The Edge Fitness Clubs help increase strength, flexibility, and create a better state of mind. Yoga, Barre, Pilates and other low-impact options are available to help you feel better, inside and out. Namaste. 

Edge Strong

Edge Strong is a well-balanced, circuit-based program taught by Edge Personal Trainers. With state-of-the-art equipment, not only will you have a great workout, you’ll leave being a part of our EDGE team!

Total Access+

TAPEdge Total Access+ offers live and on-demand health and fitness content any time, anywhere streamed right to your computer or phone. Our Edge Total Access+ experience includes workouts, education and nutrition, helping you on your path to a healthy lifestyle. If you are an active Total Member, this amazing new amenity is part of your membership!

A Massive Workout Floor Plus Boutique Classes , All In One

Exhilarating classes + A gym you'll never outgrow = happy members


"Edge is the BEST! It offers the convenience of a large gym with all the machines and locker room needs plus smaller areas like the women’s gym and movie theater. My favorite part is the classes and instructors!! I cannot get enough of Zumba with Sandy, yoga, Body Pump, kickboxing & barre!"

Kristi P.
Edge | Deptford


"Everything about this gym is perfect, great equipment and friendly staff!!"

Tom B.
Edge | Shelby Township


"I took Joy L. Kickboxing class today and followed up with Barre right afterwards. The great thing about her class is it’s a GREAT cardio workout and she’s passionate about her skill and an easy to follow instructor who teaches from the heart to keep you motivated! If you want a good cardio workout, lots of sweat and energy, I recommend her class!!!"

Consuelo C.
Edge | Voorhees

shutterstock_1052769302 - Copy2

"Adriana teaches an absolutely amazing morning SPIN class on Tuesdays! One of my favorite instructors! She’ll push you and give you a tough workout. Highly recommend!"

Holly P.
Edge | West Hartford


"The Group X and Strong classes are amazing! Instructors Michelle, Tom and Beth are the best at motivating you to push yourself past your limits! I highly recommend personal training as well to help you with consistency and accountability! The Edge rocks!"

Lisa S.
Edge | Meriden