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Try Team Training or Personal Training to Reach Your Goals

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 5, 2019

One of the best ways to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals is to have accountability. That can come in many forms. At The Edge, we offer different ways to help keep you on the right track to success. These include team training, such as our Edge Strong classes, as well as our one-on-one personal training. Both can help you stay motivated and reach your goals quicker.

Personal Training featured


Our Edge Strong Team Training is a smaller group class that will push your fitness limits even further. Instructed by each clubs certified Edge Trainers, this is a community based program that is fun and effective! This is a 1 hour class with a full warm up, exercise demonstrations of all movements, team building workouts, ending with a cool down. These circuit based full body workouts will leave members burning 500 to 1,000 calories per session.

Benefits of Team Training

  • See your heart rate and calorie burn displayed on a screen so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Receive personal attention from trainers to check your form and guide you through the workout.
  • Utilize state of the art equipment in our functional training room.
  • Includes a mix of cardio and weights to help you break through plateaus.
  • All you have to do is show up and sweat!

Is team training for me?

Edge Strong is designed for anyone who is looking for an awesome workout that will push them past their plateaus, but you will especially enjoy it if you:

  • Like working out with other motivated individuals
  • Have a competitive side to you
  • Want a little extra push
  • Want to see results fast
  • Love to get a good sweat

Personal training 1


Personal trainers have many roles. They are part cheerleader, part friend, part coach, and part therapist. Personal trainers are knowledgeable about human anatomy, basic nutrition, and functional exercise. They provide one-on-one attention to help their clients set goals and then provide them with the feedback and accountability they need to achieve them.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • There is a fitness expert who is always in your corner.
  • Workouts are uniquely designed and tailored to you.
  • Your trainer will keep you accountable to workout, push yourself, and stick to your nutrition plan.
  • They work with your schedule.
  • You’ll receive education on general health and nutrition guidelines.
  • A personal plan tailored to your needs and a roadmap on how to achieve it.

Is a Personal Trainer For Me?

Our personal trainers work with individuals of all fitness levels and we have one that can mesh well with your personality. So whether you need help training for a marathon or are rehabilitating after an injury, our trainers can help. You will especially enjoy personal training if you:  

  • Want individualized, focused attention
  • Would rather workout one-on-one with your coach
  • Have specific goals or unique challenges
  • Need some extra accountability to help you reach your goals
  • Want guaranteed results

Still unsure if you will benefit from Team Training & Personal Training? Try both of them for free! You can do one week of Edge Strong complimentary or book a complimentary fitness assessment where you’ll meet with one of our personal trainers. You can experience the different environments and decide which one will best help you reach your goals!