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Break Out of Your Fitness Rut With Personal Training

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on November 10, 2020

Bored with your Fitness Routine? Try Working With A Personal Trainer!

Bored of your same old gym workout? Working with a personal trainer can help you break out of your fitness rut and breakthrough plateaus to reach your fitness goals. Sign up at the front desk of your local Edge for accountability, motivation, and fun!

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Issues with doing the same fitness routine over and over

Boredom: Doing the same routine—or set of routines—each time you hit the gym gets old fast. Pretty soon, working out feels like another thing you have to check off your list. Changing up your exercises regularly keeps it fun and makes it easier to integrate into your daily life.

Plateaus: If you always do the same routine or same set of workouts, your muscles won’t be challenged. Your body gets used to the exercises you do regularly, and eventually it stops being forced to respond appropriately.

Prone to Injury: Overusing the same muscles through repeated exercises opens the door for fitness injuries. Body parts need time to recover from the isolated stress being placed on them.

Burnout: Not seeing results is discouraging. If you continue to workout but don’t see progress, you’re more likely to slow down your workouts or stop doing them altogether.

Try Personal Training To Break Out of Your Fitness Rut

Personal trainers wear many hats: fitness coach, nutrition coach, cheerleader, counselor, accountability partner, and friend. Don’t be intimidated by trainers. They started their fitness feats somewhere as well and had someone who believed in them. And they’ll be there to believe in you too. Together, you can set your goals and start working on achieving them. Once you’ve decided to work with a trainer, do your homework to find one that fits your goals and your personality. After all, the relationship you build with your personal trainer is likely going to be a love/hate one. Don’t worry, you’ll love them in the end! Click here for tips on how to find a trainer that's right for you!

Personal training nov 2020

How Working With A Trainer Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Stay motivated and encouraged—Edge trainers help keep you motivated throughout the workout, so that you keep working hard and keep coming back for more.

Say goodbye to dull workouts— Edge trainers instruct multiple new workouts each week so you never have to do the same one again. We’ve taken the guesswork out—all you have to do is show up and sweat!

See results—Edge trainers will push you to keep going when you want to quit. We know how to maximize your time so you get a great workout every time, meaning you’ll push through those plateaus and get the results you want.

Come experience what makes the Edge so great! Our personal trainers care about your fitness goals and will build custom programs specifically designed for you to get you results! The Edge is the spacious, safe and clean choice for Personal Training your way. Each custom-tailored program includes:
  • Three Training Options - Traditional, 1:1 in a private PT space, or Outdoors (weather permitting)
  • Training intensity can be adjusted where masks are required
  • All trainers will wear masks throughout the session for enhanced safety

Visit the front desk to get started today or fill out the form on our site and our fitness team will be in touch. You can also check out the trainers at your local club here.