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5 Quick Tips Regarding Your Daily Routine

Posted by Kelly Scofield on August 31, 2021

Happy Trainer tip Tuesday!
Here are 5 quick tips about daily routine:

Tip 1.
Avoid your phone for at least 30 mins upon waking up. We waste so much of our time scrolling on social media when we could have enjoyed 10 mins of a book, 10 mins of meditation, the list goes on and on! That habit of grabbing your phone the minute you wake up is toxic and something I’ve stopped doing. I know my phone can sometimes consume me. So I’ve been practicing this new strategy and actually feel much more energized, productive and happier. Give this a try for a week! Let me know how you feel!

Tip 2.
Stop skipping the most important meal of the day. The excuse “you don’t have time” isn’t good enough. Breakfast 🥞 is what regulates your mood, energy, blood sugar... the list goes on and on. Skipping breakfast causes you to eat more. Start fueling early on and you will be much more satisfied and will feel so much better long term.

Tip 3.
Start the morning with affirmations. A lot of people think this doesn’t work. Reminder nothing works if you only do it when you feel like it. Take 5 minutes each morning and jot down everything you deserve, everything you need, everything that is coming to you, everything you love about yourself & how today and all the days ahead will be great. Our subconscious minds pick up on everything we feed it. Feed it only things that will help you grow. So you can bloom and manifest everything you are asking for!

Tip 4.
Hydrate before your morning BREW!
This is one I fall short with, but am working on! Coffee is a natural diuretic. It will dehydrate you if you are not consuming enough water. This can then cause bloating and stomach discomfort. On top of that, it can spike cortisol (the stress hormone). This is naturally lower in the morning, but if your consuming coffee the minute you wake up it can actually spike cortisol making it harder to lose weight, lower fat, etc.. It can also cause fatigue, deficiencies, and random cravings throughout the day. I tell people to try lemon water instead and wait at least 1 hour before consuming any caffeine. This holistic practice gets the liver ready for natural detox and will help aid in healthy digestive health along with glowing skin and better energy! 

Tip 5.
Just get up & GO! Stop hitting snooze and putting off the things you need to do! The walk, breakfast, 5 minutes of reading are worth it. Try going to bed an hour earlier, so you can wake up an hour earlier. You will have such a better attitude for your day if you start incorporating this micro habit. Rushing around then heading to work for 8 hours is already causing distress before the day even starts! The energy you project when you wake up is the kind of energy you will attract.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!