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Train Together, Remain Together #BetterTogether

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on February 13, 2020

Research shows there are in fact benefits from working out together! These benefits include more efficient workouts, happier relationships with your workout partner, & a higher likelihood of achieving your fitness goals. The mere presence of someone else affects your ability to do an activity. Even if you already feel competent doing a particular exercise, bringing along a partner, friend, or family member is a sure way to boost your energy output. When your workout buddy cares about fitness and health—their own and yours —it becomes easier to achieve fitness goals. And let's face it, working out is simply more fun with someone by our side! Read some inspiring stories below from our Edge members who workout together! #BetterTogether

Meet Kat and Tim:

Kat & Tim“We both joined the Edge Fitness Clubs together back in 2017, but didn’t become regulars until 2019 when we moved to Manchester, CT. No other gym that we’ve belonged to in the past has ever been able to compare to The Edge for us. Before joining in 2017, Tim refused to even set foot in a gym. Now that we have started working with our incredible trainers Jake and Carla, we both look forward to our workouts every week. Respectively, our trainers have instilled confidence, expanded our knowledge, and reinforced fundamentals (such as the importance of proper form), and for that we are eternally grateful to have met them. Beyond our professional relationship with them, they have also become great friends.

Although our fitness goals haven’t always aligned; with Tim in the middle of a bulking cycle at times where Katherine is working on toning her muscles, we have still always found a way to work out together. The Edge Strong classes have played a big role in that aspect of our fitness journey. Whether it be taking HIIT or Burn classes during the week or a Strength class to start our Saturday mornings, there are always classes that have something in it for both of us. We have found a second home at The Edge of Manchester, surrounded by a community that is more of a family than it is a random group of employees. All of the trainers, management, as well as the other Edge members, have had an impact on us in one way or another over the course of our fitness journey together. For us, the Edge truly lives up to its slogan: Best. Gym. Ever.”

-Kat & Tim, The Edge of Manchester 

"I am a happy client of Karhei Mincey! He is absolutely one of the best personal trainers Happy Client of Kthat I have worked with in a very long time. My friend encouraged me to join the Fall 2019 Edge Challenge with Karhei. I have done several of the Edge Challenges, but always failed to go to the 1st kickoff meeting. This time I wanted to weigh in, be disciplined, and hold myself accountable.

With the help of Karhei, we developed my nutrition and strength training program. I was starting to realize, I needed more weights and less cardio to see results. He took the time to understand me, my body and my diet. He always checked on me with meal prepping and drinking that 1 gallon of water! When I felt like I could not keep going, he motivated and pushed me to successfully become the winner of the Fall 2019 Edge Challenge. Within 8 weeks, I lost 17 lbs and became much stronger.

So, no matter what your fitness level or goals are I know for sure that Karhei is determined to help you achieve them! He is enthusiastic, patient and committed to help you succeed! "

-Diane, Trumbull Edge Member

Son is trainer


"My son IS my personal trainer and he inspires me to workout even when I don’t feel like it! He keeps me motivated."

-Kimberly, Stratford Edge Member





"I joined the Edge Fitness Clubs in December of 2016 . I kept on seeing a personal trainer, Geams, when I would go inClaudia to work out and he would always say hello and how are you doing. He always made me feel welcome. I signed up for my first Edge Challenge in February 2017 and asked Geams if I could be on his team and if he would be my trainer. He asked me why and I told him that no matter what, whenever he saw me he would always say hi and he was never pushy. He said okay! I've done 3 Edge Challenges and will start my fourth in February 2020. I love training with Geams because he is always very motivational and positive and always makes you feel good about yourself no matter what. As he says, "small steps makes big strides". I've lost 110 pounds with 30 more to go!

-Claudia, Danbury Edge Member




"In 2018, my husband and I made a decision to get serious about our health, and getting in better physical shape wasCouples a large part of that plan. We came to The Edge in Manchester after reading some glowing reviews, and after our fitness assessment we were paired with Sean.

Sean worked with both of us to establish our goals, assessed our starting points (which were laughable), and designed a plan that worked for both of us. He has been wonderful about accommodating our schedules, our individual fitness levels (challenging, since we both in very different places), and helping through our anxieties regarding being at the gym. Sean encourages us to push ourselves during our workouts, rather than treating us like we’re in basic training.

Sean has helped us reach our goals far quicker than we thought possible. His knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the physics of the human body is truly impressive, and he uses that knowledge to design challenging, fun workouts that we can do together (ask him about The Twelve Lifts Of Christmas!). We cannot recommend him highly enough!"

-Steve & Dan, Manchester Edge Members


"Hey there! Pictured here is me and my boyfriend Antonio. You can find us in either The RavaeEdge of Stratford, Shelton, or Derby. We both did some pretty cool fitness programs this year. I did 75Hard from Andy Frisella which required 2 workouts a day among other things for 75 straight days. Antonio came and lifted with me almost everyday even when he was sore. Then, once he saw my progress and how I felt completing my program, he decided to run a 5K everyday for 75 straight days. I am NOT a runner and hate cardio, but I got my butt on a treadmill or outside right next to him almost everyday. Most times I was walking and didn’t hit that distance but regardless we know we have each other’s backs and don’t have to go it alone!"

-Ravae, Edge Member





Tim and Cousin"My cousin Tim and I work out together almost everyday! We both placed in the last Edge Challenge and are doing the Winter Edge Challenge in February, we both train with Andrew Strongin. Tim is down almost 200 pounds from his highest weight and I'm down about 70 pounds 😃"

- Kristen, Edge Member 


Swole Sisters! Jacqui and Christina - The Edge Media

Media Edge Members

The family that workouts together, stays together! Pictured below is Dan, Christie, and their family - The Edge, Christiana 

Dan and Christie and family