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Total Access+ Update

Posted by Susan Byrne on March 15, 2022

Edge Total Access+ is our premium amenity offering health and fitness content any time, anywhere through live and on-demand classes streamed right to your computer or phone. Our Edge Total Access+ experience includes workouts, education, and nutrition, helping you on your path to a healthy lifestyle. If you are an active Total Member, this amazing new amenity is part of your membership!

We paired our BEST classes with our BEST instructors to bring you a BETTER at-home workout experience! 

Check out the newest channels on Total Access+!


KOTOWSKI_171121_BOX_JUMP_037_V6-738076-editedThis channel highlights activities you can do in the club! These short workouts feature KETTLEBELLS, TRX (suspension) training, and TURF toys (jump boxes, BOSU balls, sleds, and more)!! It's OK if you don't have the equipment at home...head to the nearest club and find it there!! Challenge yourself (and your friends) by stacking two or more of these workouts to add a little spice to your fitness routine in the clubs!


This is our channel dedicated to the 2022 Winter Edge Challenge, our 8-week program to jump-start your fitness journey. Our Master Trainers will start you off with the Edge Challenge Workout of the Week, designed to complement your in-club Edge Challenge experience! Stick around for the 15-minute segment on all things Challenge: InBody, Nutrition, Supplements, Recovery, and more!


This channel gives an overview of what The Edge Fitness Clubs is all about. Here is where you'll find the 411 on The Edge, its designated spaces, and everything we have to offer! Check back periodically for more informational segments!

Orland Hills Interior

In other Total Access+ News...

TAP_NewsletterGraphics (002)Please welcome Todd Rodney, a personal trainer from Deptford,  and Alex Nugent, and Carson Crandall, Group X instructors from our Farmington Hills, Michigan area! Lastly, beginning Sunday, February 20th, please tune in LIVE for a 5-week Sunday BODYFLOW at HOME Series with Julie. Les Mills BODYFLOW is a yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body, and your life. Embrace elements of yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and meditation in this full-length 60-minute class. Unwind from the weekend and start your Monday feeling refreshed!

If you have any questions regarding Total Access+, click here!