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Fall 2019 Edge Challenge Week 7

Posted by Edge Challenge Fall 2019 Participants on November 7, 2019

"I can't believe how quickly the time has flown! One week left and everyone is giving it their all with the finish line in sight. Last week was rough after dealing with a stomach bug that stole all of my energy and motivation. After going AWOL last week, I was happy to start this week off right with my first training session with Shannon. We talked about my goals for the short time we have left as well as for after the challenge and it felt like a chance to regroup and refocus. I'm excited to see what the comes next week and celebrate the various victories with everyone at the closing!"

-Jessica, The Edge Fitness Clubs Media, PA

Jessica Week 7

"I had so many things going against me this week: house stress, kids with a million activities and needs, an entire sick household including myself, wedding planning, and a more hectic than normal work schedule, but I didn't let any of that hold me back and still made it to the gym almost every day - I even did two classes on Saturday! I am noticing that I'm able to use more weight during my workouts which is awesome. The pictures from my race were finally posted last week and I found one of me crossing the finish line. While it isn't flattering, and I don't look like a runner by any means, I am definitely doing the thing and I am so proud of it!"

- Cinnamon, The Edge Fitness Clubs Christiana, DE

Cinamon Week 7.jpg

"7 weeks down and my weight is around the same as when I started but I'm definitely feeling stronger than before. Laura had me doing heavier weight lifting during our training sessions. I've taken a lot in and will continue using a lot of these workouts when The Edge Challenge ends. I've even started trying some new activities that are out of my comfort level such as playing volleyball in a charity tournament."

- Ryan, The Edge Fitness Clubs Cherry Hill, NJ

Ryan - Week 7 Update