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Returning to the gym? Here are some tips

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on July 18, 2020

Our clubs have been opening up after being closed and we're so excited to have our members back in the gym! As pumped as you are to get back into your normal workout routine, it's important to ease yourself back in rather than going all out your first week back. Even if you’ve been doing our live workouts at home chances are your body isn't used to heavier weights, barbells, and machine use.⁣⁣
The main goal in your first few weeks back at the gym should be to train just enough to improve your muscular endurance, enhance your technique, and to prepare your body for heavier and more intense workouts in the future.
There are a couple reasons you shouldn't over exert yourself  your first weeks back at the gym:

• After a few months of not training like “usual” your injury risk is much higher.⁣ 
• Being a bit too overzealous in your first few workouts back is a great way to get super sore. Which is not the goal! If you overwork yourself during your first workout back, you're less likely to make it back to the gym the next day.

⁣⁣What To Do Your First Weeks Back At The Gym:

  • Start with a warm-up
  • Use weights at about 50-80% of your max
  • Start with 2-3 sets per exercise instead of 4 or more
  • Utilize rest periods in between sets
  • Prioritize pre and post workout nutrition & optimal sleep for better recovery - this one is super important! Visit our shake bar post workout to get your protein in!
  • Expect soreness
  • Be patient with yourself 

Remember, to be kind to yourself! Weights may feel heavier than normal but you will get your strength back relatively quickly. If you've been working out during quarantine chances are you probably haven't lost as much muscle as you think.

When returning to the gym, know that the goal is not to pick up where you left off. Following the above bullets will help prepare yourself for more intense workouts (in the future) while improving your technique with lighter weights. 

Having trouble getting back to it? You're not alone! And we're here to help. Your Edge membership includes a complimentary fitness assessment with a personal trainer. This will help give you a starting point with a personalized fitness program based on your goals. Visit the front desk at your club or click here for more information to get started on your goals today!