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Overcome Your Fear of the Gym with These Tips

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on September 10, 2021

We know that not everyone loves going to the gym at first.  You've finally found a gym that is the right fit for you and signed up as a member, and now it's time to break out a sweat! As you enter your new workout space, you see unfamiliar faces. You feel funny navigating your way through a weight room trying to figure out where all the machines are for your workout. You feel as if all eyes are on you so you get nervous and head to the cardio area...if this sounds like you, then you've got a case of gym anxiety or gym intimidation! Here are our tips to conquer that intimidation so you can start crushing your fitness goals!

1. First things first, take a TOUR at your new gym! At The Edge, you can always ask the front desk staff for a tour of the gym or ask where a certain machine is. Don't be afraid to ask any of our staff, that's why they are there - to help you! Getting a tour from one of our staff members will help you get your bearings and will make you feel more comfortable walking through the gym. As an added bonus, by taking a tour, you'll get to know the staff a little bit better so having that familiar face each time you walk in will already make you feel more welcome!

2. Have a plan. New gym or not, this is a big one.  Knowing what you'll be doing at the gym will give you the confidence to walk in and own your workout. It will allow you to pinpoint which machines you need to locate, and by knowing the staff you can ask them for help! If you're a beginner and don't know what to do or where to begin, schedule your FREE fitness assessment with one of our personal trainers! Our fitness assessment includes a 30-minute workout with a trainer along with a strategy session and plan to help you on your way to reaching your goals. Our trainers can also help you navigate the gym, show you new workout techniques, and overall help you feel more confident!

3. Consider getting a gym buddy! Everyone feels more confident with a friend by their side. Grab a friend or family member to start working out with you. Don't have anyone? Try taking one of our Group X classes! You'll meet plenty of like-minded people who you'll connect with after going to some classes! Plus, going to a class will also help you learn more workout techniques and break you out of your normal routine so you can reach new heights on your fitness journey!

4. Don't be afraid to take up space! You have as much right to the workout space as the person next to you. Claim your piece of equipment and take your time with your sets. Practice a response to someone who may be waiting on the machine such as " I should be done in about 10 minutes", a respectful gym-goer will give you your space and allow you to take your time finishing. Be confident in your response and take your time. 

5. Have a good playlist and focus on yourself. Don't compare yourself to others as everyone is on their own journey. You may feel people are looking at you and judging you but in reality, everyone who is at the gym is most likely focusing on themselves and their own workouts. Remember, everyone starts somewhere. Everyone is there for mostly the same reasons: to work out and focus on themselves. So, there’s little room left for judgment. Turn up the volume on your workout and just focus on what you're doing! You’ll forget about everyone else before you even know it.

Gym intimidation is real and many people struggle with it. The thing is that every single person at the gym had their "first day" at some point in their lives. Those people who look like they know exactly what they are doing were once newbies and had to learn how to properly set up the equipment just like you! Give it some time and follow the above tips and you'll be conquering your fear in no time!