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Joana, Meriden Edge Member, utilized Personal Training to reduce her per mile average time for a ½ marathon!

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on October 4, 2019

In the last 23 years or so I have been a member of many different gyms. None of them was particularly memorable or helpful until I joined the Edge Fitness Clubs.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience with one person in particular, Sam McCue, a personal trainer at the Meriden, CT Edge Fitness Club. He trained me for three months. I cannot completely articulate the myriad ways in which working with Sam changed me for the better. I will try though. I asked Sam to help me train for a half marathon. He created a comprehensive plan for me. He addressed every aspect of my training from strength, endurance, speed, distance, nutrition, supplementation, and psychology. He did so much more than just those things though. He taught me to make the mind-body connection that has eluded me for years. He showed me that keeping a journal of what I was eating helped reveal how it was impacting my performance. He got me to think about nutrition and physical fitness completely differently.

This is the part where you should know I am not an easy person to teach. Somehow he got through to me though. And I realized it was because he was playing very close attention to my goals and performance. He got me to understand the importance of vitamins and rest. He taught me to be more mindful. If I ever struggled with an exercise, drill, or concept he figured out a way to teach me. And perhaps most importantly, he encouraged me to see myself differently. He told me I was an athlete! And you know what? I am. My husband saw the change in me and properly attributed it to Sam. Had we stayed in the area he would have trained with him too.

During the time when I worked with Sam, I went from my fastest mile being about 9 minutes 30 seconds with my average being about 10 min per mile to a 7 minute 45 fastest mile and my average is about 8:20 now!!! On top of all that, I also got really strong. And I am still running and strength training.

Sam really spent time explaining to me the Edge ethos. He very proudly represents The Edge Fitness Clubs. He repeatedly told me he loved his job and said the Edge was a good company to work for which is also very important to me!

-Joana, Meriden CT Edge 

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