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Catherine's Story: From Edge Training Client to Edge Employee

Posted by Catherine Schenfeld on July 28, 2021

Meet Catherine, an Edge Employee, and one of Mason Rosenbaum's personal training clients from our Hamden Edge location.  She has been working with Mason since 2019 when he was working in Stratford then followed him to Hamden in 2020 and just recently in January, Catherine started working at The Edge Fitness Clubs in Greenwich. 
Below is her AMAZING story!

"I started my weight loss journey in 2018 after getting the Gastric Sleeve surgery. I went to numerous "Fat Camps" aka weight loss camps and it just didn't do it for me. So surgery was my final option. I was doing well on my own, I lost about 65 pounds then I began to plateau just after moving to Connecticut from New Jersey in 2018/2019. My new friend Sam I met in Connecticut suggested I should come to the gym as her guest to help with the plateau.  That gym being the Edge Fitness Clubs! She would tell me all about her trainer Mason and how he could truly help me.

That's when I decided to take the leap and sign up and attend my free fitness assessment and give this Mason guy a shot. I showed up ready to go and we went over my goals and the next thing I knew I was seeing him once a week for an hour. By week 2 I upgraded to 2 times a week hour sessions and before the month was out, I was seeing him 3 times a week for 1-hour sessions because I was seeing so many results! Not just from losing weight but non-scale victories too. Over the past few years, I've I have lost over 70 pounds with Mason!

I started my weight loss journey in 2018 at over 311.5 pounds. To be really honest, I don't always listen and there were no results for a little while because in order to see results you must work hard and listen to your trainer's advice to help meet your goals. It's extremely important to remember that. Unless you put forth the effort with the tools you've been given, nothing will happen and you won't see change or progress.

Weight loss is never an easy journey, but I can say that having a trainer especially like Mason, sure makes it a little less bumpy. I went from being terrified of doing Edge Strong Classes in 2019 to being the first registered for those classes now in 2021. I have also been given the opportunity by Mason to help write out the class on the whiteboard and do the board art for his Exclusives. Which many may have seen on the Edge Instagram Stories! After working with Mason, he inspired me to get some certifications in Nutrition such as Precision Nutrition and ISSA's Sports Nutrition.  As well as to come work here at The Edge and inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle like myself.  Without his help, I would not be who I look like today. Thank you Mason and The Edge for all you have helped me with!" -Catherine Schenfeld

Catherines Story