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A Mom's Journey to Confidence in the Gym

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on May 4, 2022

We love when personal training clients send in AMAZING testimonials! Check out Ashley's amazing story below on how she gained confidence and started seeing success in the gym by working with her personal trainer!

"Hello, I’m Ashely. Life is challenging to everyone and to some the challenge can be quite real. Not only am I a single mother to a very active 6-year-old boy, but I’m also deaf. Compounding my situation even more; in 2018 I decided my weight gain had gotten out of control. Causing me to experience major fluctuations of depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence further attributing to my becoming withdrawn and defensive in my daily life.
Additionally, in my chosen profession as a Federal HR Specialist, my position is often sedentary combined with high stress. Furthermore, my physician cornered me to discuss my weight gain and my increasing lack of mobility. To the degree of prescribing me exercise and fitness or I would suffer life-changing health deterioration. I had not ever pursued any fitness related so I found myself asking; where can I start?!?

Prior to discovering The Edge Training program; I tried several other gyms however, they all had limited resources and failed to provide any real inspiration. I played to one of my strengths by following several fitness accounts in social media however, even they can mislead or represent the information creating greater confusion. Meanwhile, my posture continued to suffer due to sitting eight hours a day or longer while working. I tried several HIIT workouts while following YouTube and Instagram but they confused me with different movements that I found somewhat difficult to keep up. This further attributed to me becoming more unmotivated. I was not able to follow the proper angles and positions correctly. I felt discouraged and my self-doubt increased.

Finally, I discovered and met Mr. Brian Levin; my resolve was to change my life through fitness. With Mr. Levin, I struck gold. Brian is a magician as a personal trainer! Furthermore, his fitness and nutritional knowledge combined with critical thinking is very unique - raising my curiosity and self-confidence. He is highly optimistic and believes in me. Brian takes the extra measures to support better communication and understanding through multiple forms of communication without hesitation with the goal of you feeling more comfortable, able to learn, and getting you ready to TRAIN HARD!

During my second or third session, while training on my lower body we noticed a pop/crack in my left hip every time I moved it. I had guessed it had been like that for years; my doctor gave me very little information on how to stretch or treat it. Brian, however, not only had the support tools and information to give me, but he immediately provided me with detailed instructions along with follow-up support to help my hip. Brian always goes the extra mile at every turn.  Additionally, he would often follow up on how I was doing in The Edge Strong classes I was taking to ensure I continued to be challenged and involved. The burn classes were one of my favorites; I found them to be extremely challenging with great benefits!

After my second month of training, I was amazed at my smaller, lighter, and stronger body. The improvement was noticed; even commented on at work! I was overjoyed to see my “FOOPA” was nearly gone (hooray)! I had been struggling to get rid of it for so long! I was not able to be successful until Brian provided his information and resources along with his own brand of high energy guidance and motivation! Every day I became more focused with an increased sense of purpose. Brian had removed the confusion and misleading information that was causing me to feel unfocused and stuck. While replacing it with self-confidence, self-worth, and endless motivation through real visible success. I was even able to vent about anything with the issues I had with fitness or being healthy because he will listen to you and work with you to help you become a you that you’ll LOVE! His response is always: “I’ve got you covered!” If you are looking for tone up or get fit, ask for Brian Levin! I highly recommend him!"