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3 Tricky Ways to Get Yourself to the Gym

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 5, 2019

You always feel great after a workout, but having the motivation and getting to the gym is half the battle. You know you should go. After all, you’ve never regretted a good workout. So the key is to find little ways to trick yourself into getting there.

Get to the gym

Here are three ways you can trick yourself to get to the gym

1. Tell everybody you’re going

Tell your husband when you wake up that morning that you’re going to the gym after work. When you leave the office, tell your coworkers that you’re headed to the gym. Text your BFF and let her know you’re working out tonight. Tell your kids that you’re bringing them to Edge Kids at The Edge Fitness Clubs to play soccer or climb the rock wall. They will be so excited, and this is a sure reminder for you to get there. They won’t let you forget, and you don’t want to break a promise. All of these people can help keep you accountable to your workout.

Get to the gym 1-1

2. Plan to get a short workout

Sometimes it’s hard to amp yourself up for an hour-long cardio sweat sesh. Plan to take a group exercise class and only stay for half of it. Or, tell yourself you only need to workout for 30 minutes. Once you start your workout, we’ll bet you’ll finish the class or stay for longer than you originally planned. After all, it’s getting there that is often the hardest part, and you’ll want to keep up with the rest of the class and finish strong.

3. Bribe yourself

Hey, we all know that as a mom, bribery works. And it works on yourself too. Make a deal with yourself that if you go to the gym three times for the next four weeks, you can buy that new handbag or pair of boots you’ve been eyeing, or maybe a new workout wardrobe, giving you extra motivation to get to the gym and show off your new gym attire!

Celebrate yourself for the times you do get to the gym and go easy on yourself when you need a rest day or just simply a break to relax. We know your to-do list is a mile long. But taking some time out of your day to workout will always increase your quality of life, which helps you be a better mom, wife and individual in the end.

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