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Women’s Guide to Supplements

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 7, 2019

We see you working hard on your fitness goals. All the work you’re doing to stay on top of your nutrition and get in those kickbutt workouts is not going unnoticed. Did you know that adding women-specific supplements to your already dialed-in routine can help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals even better?

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Smartest Supplements for Women

Since women’s bodies are so complex (hey, we birth children) and so different from a man’s, we have unique supplement needs.

Here are the smartest supplements for women and ones that you may need to add to your nutrition and fitness regime.

Whey Protein—Protein shakes and supplements aren’t just for men. Women need protein to keep their muscles strong and their metabolism charged up and getting enough protein in when you’re trying to kick fat to the curb can be tricky. Protein shakes (aside from balanced meals) are the best way to get in that additional protein we need in order to boost our metabolism. Bonus: We sell tasty ones in our cafe that are quick and packed with protein!

NutritionCalcium—Many Americans fail to get their needed calcium from food alone. And women over 50 need even more calcium than their male counterparts. You probably know that calcium helps keep your bones strong and dense and helps prevent Osteoporosis, but did you know it’s also required for muscle contraction and can help spur fat loss?

Vitamin D—Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough of the sunshine vitamin, mainly because it’s hard to get from food. Taking a supplement can help you get the recommended amount. Vitamin D helps you absorb the all-important calcium, supports fat loss, and helps balance your hormones—something we really want to stay in balance.

Iron—Always feeling fatigued? You could need an iron supplement. A study found that women ages 18–53 who took iron daily for 12 weeks saw a 50 percent reduction in fatigue. Training hard can lower your iron levels, which is critical for optimum energy and performance. Bonus: the dotFIT women’s multivitamin has the your daily iron needs included.

Caffeine—Caffeine can be good for you but that doesn’t mean we want you to chug another Venti americano. Caffeine in supplement form has been found to provide the performance benefits including boosting muscle growth and your mental focus.

Keep in mind, it is important to know what you are taking. Don’t just settle and go buy anything off the shelf at your local supplement store or supermarket. Speak with one of our Edge professionals and know what to look for. We carry supplements that are third party tested and research based. Taking safe and effective supplements will put you in the best position to succeed.

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