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The Winter Edge Challenge, Week 3 Update

Posted by Edge Challenge Winter 2020 Participants on March 9, 2020

"This week the SGT class kicked my butt! My hamstrings were sore for 3 days but I persevered and met with my Christina, Week 3new trainer the next day. I think she took it easy on me out of pity. After my session with her I decided to switch it up because it was gorgeous outside and go on a family bike ride! I'm still losing weight, just slower than the first 2 weeks! Slow and steady wins the race."

-Christina, The Edge of St. Peters

Melissa, Week 3"This week I seem to have swung in the opposite direction! I used My Fitness Pal every day to log my food and it really helped keep me from grazing. However, I only made it to the gym one time this week (for personal training!). It seems I am having trouble focusing on healthy eating and the gym at the same time! I am hoping to keep on track with logging my food and also make it to the gym this coming week. I would like to give the Foundation class another try! Saturday is our 2nd weigh-in and I would really like to see that a couple of pounds have fallen off, especially as we near the half way point of this Challenge!"

-Melissa, The Edge of Rochester Hills


"This week, I got my butt kicked by my trainer, Burn, Exclusive, and the Edge Challenge class. I rocked it with 4 days of working out this week and did a double this past Monday. I'm getting a little discouraged not losing as much as I wanted to, but I do see a difference in the toning of my arms, and my high waist area. I definitely have more energy and can keep up with my eccentric high energized 2 year old daughter. I am working on my portion sizes and eating relatively healthy choices and know that is a new way of living life and learning that moderation is key. My husband has been a great support and allowing me the time to go to my classes during the Edge Challenge and I foresee his continued support even when I have a late class. On Saturday, Christine and Lauren decided we should do the 1,000 rep challenge, thinking they were both crazy, but I'm proud I did about 680 reps total in 40 minutes with 10 different sets." 

-Erika, The Edge of Stratford