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Fall 2019 Edge Challenge Week 3

Posted by Edge Challenge Fall 2019 Participants on October 10, 2019

"Wow - week three already! I can't believe how quickly the Edge Challenge is flying by. I continue to make progress, noticing changes in my body, both big and small. I think I have shed 10 lbs already but I won't call it until my official weigh in this Saturday. It's almost like I don't believe my progress unless it is officially verified by someone else. Prior to joining the program, I had an enormous lack of will power where my diet was concerned. Tracking my meals, planning menus, and sharing tips/recipes with fellow members has been such a game changer for me!

The 7:30 AM Challenge Group this past Saturday felt like my most challenging yet. I was exhausted and sore but still we ended it on a fun note with a game of seated tug-of-war. My team proved victorious and posed for this photo with bragging rights."

-Jessica, The Edge Fitness Clubs Media, PA


Jess - week 3


"I'm feeling really good about my progress this week, and if my sore muscles are any indicator to the truth in my hard work then I am definitely correct! I've been attending Edge Strong classes as much as my full time job, three kids with tons of activities, and a fiance with a non-standard job schedule allows! Which sometimes means not until the very last 7:30 PM class. But it's feels GOOD!! So as long as I don't get burnt out I'm going to keep going! My fiance came to the Edge Challenge class with me this Saturday and it was the best having him there! I've been continuing to run a few times a week as I finish up preparations for my very first 5k THIS SUNDAY (AHH!!!). My last two practice runs have been my best times yet so I'm feeling good about it! Hopefully the weigh-in this Saturday matches my mindset!"

 - Cinnamon, The Edge Fitness Clubs Christiana, DE


Cinamon Week 3


"Completed week three and I feel the best I've felt in a long time! Routine workouts, three week night classes, one weekend class, and a softball tournament to top it all off. I've been putting in so much effort and having Laura there to push me through it is really helping me to keep moving forward! My everyday energy level continues to increase. Just a few more days and it'll be time to get on the scale and see how I'm doing!"

- Ryan, The Edge Fitness Clubs Cherry Hill, NJ


Ryan - Edge Chal