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The Winter 2020 Edge Challenge, Week 2

Posted by Edge Challenge Winter 2020 Participants on March 3, 2020

Our Winter 2020 Edge Challenge is under way! Check out the week 2 updates from our Edge Challenge members below! 

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-Erika, The Edge of Stratford

Christina Week 2"Week 2 was great! We had our first weigh in and I am 8 pounds down! Woot! One of my favorite parts of The Edge Challenge are the Saturday group workouts. I love that The Edge gives us the opportunity to bring an accountability partner with us for free. My friend, Joanna, joined me and I was surprised at how fast the time went. With her working out with me, I laughed through the sweat and found myself pushing a little harder than I have been. I attached a post workout selfie."

-Christina, The Edge of St. Peters




Melissa Week 2"So, let’s start with the bad news – we had our first weigh-in this week and I gained weight! Although, not entirely unexpected, it is still pretty disappointing. Unfortunately, I can pinpoint what my issue is and it has nothing to do with exercising!  I am an emotional eater under all circumstances, happy, sad or stressed.  Though I have greatly reduced my snacking, and picked healthier options, I need to be diligent in using a food diary, as recommended by my trainer. This is my goal for the next week of The Edge Challenge.  This week I was able to attend the Edge Team workout session, Zumba, Rhythm Ride, and personal training. I love being able to participate in so many different types of workouts so there is no chance for boredom!"

-Melissa, The Edge of Rochester Hills