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Rick's Reason for Joining The Challenge

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on October 19, 2021

Our Edge Challenge is an 8-week contest designed to build lasting fitness results and help you build better habits to stay healthy throughout your journey! Our Fall 2021 Edge Challenge kicks off this week! Not only do we love hearing success stories from our members, but we love to hear the reason WHY people sign up for The Challenge. The Edge Challenge is often a starting point for people to get themselves into better eating habits and create a stronger workout routine. Check out Manchester Edge Member, Rick's story on why he decided to sign up for The Challenge.

"My name is Rick, and I am a 63-year-old man who is on a weight loss journey. A quick back story is as follows. I was a chubby child and always shopped in the husky department at the Youth Centre store in West Hartford. At the age of eleven, I was orphaned, and my 22-year-old sister came home to raise me. She was amazing but an enabler ~ especially regarding food. I struggled with weight all through high school and began a cycle of overcompensating in all other areas of my life (academics, sports, being social, etc.).

This pattern continued in college, although I did drop 47 pounds one semester by basically fasting three days at a time. In my early adult life, I continued to be obese (over 300 pounds) but was extremely successful in my career. During this time, I also developed a problem with alcohol and became an alcoholic. In 1990, I lost 140 pounds in 140 days on the “Oprah Diet”. It was so not healthy, and I never learned how to eat properly or maintain any type of exercise regime in my life. I subsequently gained all the weight back and more and my career and life spun out of control due to my alcoholism.

I became homeless and three years ago decided I had enough. I went to a 28-day rehab and have not looked back. I have stayed sober for over three years and am an active member of AA. I have worked the twelve steps of AA twice and now take sponsees through the process. I have a job, car, apartment, and a life ~ but I still feel “less than” because of my weight. I decided two months ago that it was time for me to step up and work on my health. I did not get sober to live only potentially a few more years due to my weight.

Joining The Edge was a big deal to me ~ it represents me taking back another portion of my life that has been out of balance for so many years. Will I win the challenge that is starting today? I do not know ~ but I know if I suit up and show up every day, I am a winner. Good luck to all ~ the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step ~ lookout folks ~ I am taking that step, with my man Ricardo." - Rick


Good luck on your Edge Challenge journey Rick! We are so proud of you for taking the first step and cannot wait to see where this takes you! Thank you for sharing your story.