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The number on the scale does not define success

Posted by Kelly Scofield on March 29, 2021

A friendly reminder if the only thing you’re worried about in the gym is a scale number you are brainwashing yourself into poor habits towards yourself and will never be fulfilled even when you hit that ultimate goal.

What you should actually be focusing on are all the little things that fill your cup and make you feel good from the inside out while working towards that goal! Achieving an overall healthy lifestyle should be your goal, today and everyday. 

Strength / knowledge/ recovery/ patience
Habits / self talk/ mindfulness / confidence
Food choices / balance/ life / family / freedom
Water intake / sleep / vitamins 
NEAT/ outdoors / cleaning/ having fun
Overall Improvements - big, small, micro, all matter during each phase.

Our bodies are machines that take care of us everyday regardless of what we say or do. So why not do the same and nourish them with fresh foods, words, and people? That’s actually how real growth will occur.

Manifest who you want to become , center yourself , remove any distractions that are not serving you , BE NICE TO YOURSELF , and you will get to that destination. I pinky swear.

Love, Trainer Kelly. 🦋

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