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Team William's Edge Challenge Success Stories

Posted by William Murphy on May 6, 2019


I want to share with you not just one, but a few stories and achievements from the last Edge Challenge. All of their weight lost and measurements pale in comparison to their heart, commitment and perseverance throughout the past few months. 

I asked my Edge Challenge participants:

  1. What did you achieve during the Edge Challenge?
  2. What would you like others to know about your journey?


1. I didn’t lose any weight, but I’m still smoke free and I stuck with it even when it got really frustrating.

2. When you quit smoking it’s not only physically challenging, it’s also an emotional struggle. I hate when people refer to smoking as a “bad habit”, it is an addiction and quitting is hard. It may seem like I’m not really committed because I’m not at the gym every day, but I’m dealing with the emotional side of quitting and losing a friend. If you hate working out as much as I do, keep trying your best to show up and get it done. It does get a little better with time.


1. Belief in my own mind that my body can change.

2. It’s a lifetime journey -there will be ups and downs, mind and body. Never do this alone if you can. You need support to keep going.”


1. I lost 20lbs ! I’ve always been consistent in my workouts but I had more focus for these 8 weeks than I’ve had in a while. Will pushed me to work a little harder each day and when I needed to rest we made sure I rested and recovered.

2. I want others to know that their dreams and goals are all possible for them. We have such a great group here and it really shows. Everyone finished so strong and it’s a testament to the commitment and determined effort of everyone. Somewhere throughout the 8 weeks it started to get easier and the results started to show more and more. If I can have these kind of mind and body results than it is possible for you as well!”


1. Working with my awesome trainer Will Murphy, The Edge Challenge gave me the motivation, tools and discipline to shed the extra weight I’ve been carrying for a number of years now. Specifically, my goal was to shed 10 lbs. which we’ve exceeded. I am now stronger and leaner, fitting back into the smaller-sized clothes that were on hiatus buried in my closet. It also added much needed variety to my stagnant workouts through the fun, challenging Edge Strong classes, giving me to opportunity to also meet so many other terrific members who “sweat it out” beside me.

2. As a 50+ year old woman, I take my health pretty seriously and encourage all to do the same. Adding fitness to your daily regimen not only has obvious physical benefits, but beyond that the mental benefits are incomparable.

I hope my success can inspire others at any age to commit to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise, the fundamentals of the Edge Challenge.


1. I can say I was happy with both given my setbacks... I got hurt midway though the challenge but through Will's know how we were able to tailor my workout. Within a short space of time(3 weeks) was able to lose 15 pounds. My current state of mind is exemplified in the second question

2. You have to come in prepared to work hard. I have been a division two athlete and training alone is hard given that I have always been part of team sports. Group exercises in my opinion are essential and I would say take advantage of edge Strong it will make u stronger both mentally and physically. Also consistency is key not only from a workout mind set but healthy eating. Which I can say is my toughest thing given my schedule. Set a plan to workout on a consistent basis not just one or two days a week; as most ppl on the challenge will tell you if you remain consistent you will see results.


1. It is hard for me to say what I achieved during this Challenge because this was a tough Challenge for me in general, being sick for most of it. I felt like I was setback but I guess the one achievement that I can say was that I was able to start and end it and I did have success in losing weight. Not the goal I wanted but still a good amount of weight loss that I can feel proud about. 

2. Honestly, I don't really know what I want people to know about my journey other than the fact that it's not over. I mad a choice to be healthy, get in shape and become the best version of myself. I started it alone and have made a lot of great people during my time here at the gym and it's been a blessing. I don't know how my journey can help anyone because I am human and there are times where I do not want to be there working out but then I think about my reasons why and that's my motivation." 


1. I have learned that support is one of the greatest tools any one could have... #psychologyworks! Thanks to the team and the Edge family! I was able to lose 50 pounds!!! I feel so awesome and definitely have LESS pain! Every single day i got a text message about what my goal was! #accountabilityspeaks! But this was awesome. Thanks Will for guiding me along this path to success. This is just the beginning!

The Edge Challenge is an 8 week weight loss contest designed to provide lasting fitness results. Through our innovative Total Fitness Solution consisting of one-on-one personal training, tailored nutritional programs, and team training; our members will achieve their fitness goals ultimately helping them find their Edge in life.