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Nicole's 110 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on December 17, 2021

Our Edge Challenge is an 8-week weight loss contest designed to provide lasting fitness results. While many members lose weight, they also gain something too - self-confidence, new hobbies, a fitness family...this is what The Edge Challenge is truly about! Yes, we want our clients to get into the best shape ever, but we also know there is so much that can be gained from this 8-week journey! Read Nicoles AMAZING story below on how she lost weight and gained so much more throughout the process!

"My head has finally stopped reeling but my heart is still smiling. Last night was Derby's final Edge Challenge weigh-in - Justin Bryant and I took home first place! But I won so much more than a challenge last night...
I stepped on the scale hoping to see 172, instead, I saw 168.4. Once my brain processed it through my knees buckled. When I turned around and looked at my partner in the grind and my gym fam the tears started.
As of last night, I am 103.6 pounds down since I started doing personal training in July of 2020 for a total weight loss of 110.2 pounds! And over a year without a cigarette!

nicole heart

The numbers are great, and they made me feel happy, proud, grateful. But the numbers lost are nothing compared to the things I've gained in the last 16 or so months.
Double scoliosis curve. PCOS. Ankle with 7 surgeries baggage where I almost lost half my right leg in the process. Permanent cartilage erosion in the left knee from all the time on crutches causes it not to track properly.
These were all obstacles that I used as excuses not to change my life. But thankfully a 23-year-old girl who was terrified because she was almost 300 pounds with bad medical markers made a leap of faith. And she decided she was worth taking a risk for, with the help she put those obstacles to the sidelines as best as possible.

I've lost a lot of weight. I've gained a lot of pride, confidence, self-esteem.  I found passions again that depression and anxiety had taken them from me, lifting weights was a new one I never would have guessed! I created a lust for life.
  • I'm hiking again almost every weekend (when it's not freezing) with my swole sister Kae La.
  • I no longer sit and watch my life pass by. I am actively carving out my story.
  • I'm kayaking.
  • I've been trying out some boxing workouts!

This journey is about the moments I struggled not to fall back on bad habits and pushed through because I decided I deserve a better future than my past forecasted I could have. Moments I doubted myself and my abilities but was brave enough to say "what's the worst that happens? I fail?" Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I walked away knowing I tried, and that I would try again until I won.

I'm grateful for how I've changed my life. 1,000 thank you's would never be enough to my trainer and friend, Justin Bryant. 100 hugs could never show my gym family how much easier, fun, and meaningful they've made this journey.
So now on to the next thing, because there's no stopping. I have no end goal, I just want to continue to see what I'm capable of (there's a rock climbing gym by my house 👀), and I hope that never changes!" - Nicole Hart | Edge Challenge First Place Winner

Congratulations Nicole, all of us at The Edge Fitness Clubs are so proud of how far you've come! Keep up the GREAT work! We cannot wait to see where this journey continues to take you!Nicole Heart Edge Challenge First Place Winner