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Jane's Journey To 1st Place & Learning To Love Working Out

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on December 28, 2021

At The Edge, our goal is to help our members achieve their personal best! Our Edge Challenge is an 8-week weight loss contest designed to provide lasting fitness results. What we have realized over time is that this challenge is so much more than losing weight. It's about learning to love your body, appreciating it, gaining confidence, and so much more! We've seen so many success stories throughout the years with The Edge Challenge. Check out Jane's story below & how she took first place in our Fall 2021 Edge Challenge!

"When my brothers and I joined The Edge in July 2019, my goal was to move more and make positive changes in my life. I had been overweight almost my entire life. A childhood full of playing sports, including softball, cheerleading, karate, and 10 years of figure skating, left me with terrible arthritis in both knees.

As an obese adult, some days, just walking hurt. When I started this journey, I could barely do air squats. Last week, I squatted 135lbs for reps. 2 weeks ago, I hit a 225lb deadlift. Over the past two years, I have battled through injuries to get to where I am. Was I frustrated at times? Absolutely. But, I never gave up. I came in, and I worked. I am part of an incredible team, who are like family to me and motivate and inspire me every day. I have a dedicated trainer, who gives 110% to each and every one of us and has helped me to get where I am.

If you had told me 3 years ago, that I would come to LOVE working out, especially lifting weights, I’d have told you that you were nuts. If you had told me that my size would no longer start with a “2” or even end in “teen,” I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, here I am. Two and a half years later, over 100 pounds down from my highest weight (years before joining the gym), and I just won the Fall Challenge in Meriden.  And it doesn’t stop here…this is a lifelong challenge, and I’m looking forward to hitting it head-on! Thank you to my team, and my brothers for being an amazing support system. Thank you, especially, to my trainer, Jesse Torres, for being there every step of the way. Congratulations to all of the winners- including 2 of my teammates! And kudos to everyone who came in, tightened their laces and gave it their all. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for." - Jane, Edge Meriden

Jane First Place Winner


Jane First place Winner1