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Tabata Workout

Posted by Kim Johnson on July 31, 2020

Tabata is a form of cardio exercise that is very similar to HIIT (high intensity interval training). Tabata training includes eight rounds, each consisting of 20 seconds of intense activity, followed by a 10 second rest.

Yes, you did the math right! That’s just four minutes of exercise! Sounds easy, huh? But don’t underestimate the benefits of this intense form of training. Tabata training requires you to exercise at  100% maximal intensity, meaning you need to be giving each 20 second round your all. At the end of your Tabata session, you should be completely spent. If not, then you need to push harder!

The great thing about Tabata training is its flexibility – almost any form of exercise can be worked into a Tabata circuit! It's also a great way to burn fat and good if you're short on time!

Here is a Tabata Workout you can do at home! 
Each Tabata circuit in this workout is 4 minutes long, feel free to do the full workout for 12 minutes or just do it for 4 minutes! Remember to give each circuit your all!

Do the below exercises back to back for 20 seconds of work and then take 10 second rests:

  • Circuit 1: jumping jacks/ mountain climbers
  • Circuit 2: spot sprint/ burpees
  • Circuit 3: pop squat / bicycle abs