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Spring Cleaning Workout

Posted by Carly Ciambriello on March 31, 2022

Happy SPRING! Time to open the windows, let the sun hit your face, and get in the best. shape. ever. for summer! Cleaning the house in itself is a workout, but SPRING CLEANING takes that to a whole new level! Put a few hours aside to do some of these extra chores, pull up your favorite playlist or podcast, and get ready for a little extra calorie burn!

  • Vacuuming/ Mopping
    • Most people use their arms and shoulders when vacuuming. If you’re looking for more leg work, think about making rows across your carpet, like you would with a lawnmower. Feel free to throw some lunges in there too! 
  • Re-Arranging Furniture
    • Ready to do some heavy lifting? Side tables, accent chairs, coffee tables are great lifting challenges to try on your own. For bigger items, grab a family member and tag- team on either side. Think about squat form- keep your posture, chest up and back straight. Sit back into your heels when you reach to pick it up!
  • Cleaning Shelves
    • Use a stepladder every chance you get! For those lower shelves, keep your legs moving. Try to avoid leaning over, bend your knees to squat, or kneel down instead.
  • Dusting
    • Reach extra high to get those cobwebs off ceiling fans and light fixtures. This is a great stretch to open up your muscles and joints.
  • Yard Work
    • Not only is fresh air good for the soul, but working outside can be a really effective workout!  Activities such as raking, pulling weeds, carrying heavy bags of mulch across your yard, planting, etc. 


Check out our spring cleaning workout on TikTok!