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Sue's Fitness Journey With The Edge

Posted by Sue, Edge of Orange Member on December 30, 2019

"My fitness journey started 7 1/2 years ago when I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I was 44 years old and over 300 pounds at that time. After successfully beating that diagnosis I decided it was time for a major change in my lifestyle. I started by taking walks, trying to beat my distance every time, and I also started being aware of my nutrition. I soon needed to do more so I joined a friends gym where I first began working with personal trainers.

Two years ago I found I needed more opportunities from a gym and so I walked into Orange Edge Fitness Club, joined The Edge, and signed myself up for personal training. Over the past two years I’ve transitioned between 3 talented Edge trainers due to schedule changes. My most recent transition brought me to Arek Sak. We’ve been fitness partners and friends for the past 10 months and counting. Before transitioning to Arek I suffered a bit of a back injury. My transition to Arek was a huge part of my recovery from my injury. Over the past 10 months he has helped me grab a hold of my nutrition, which is huge for me, and educated me on the importance of proper supplements as well. He has built me up to be stronger than I have ever been. He has designed an engaging fitness plan that combines personal training sessions and Edge Strong classes while also building up my knowledge to move freely about the gym on my own using free weights and machines with ease and confidence. I recently ventured into an amazing Group X class called Body Flow. This is an excellent weekly class that has lent enhancement to my strong based training.

I have been a part of #teamArek for the last three Edge Challenges. Each challenge has brought about a sense of team spirit, adventure, fun, and never ending support. It is it’s own sense of community and belonging. I’m looking forward to the Winter Edge Challenge 2020.

I refer to the Edge as my happy place. The front end staff are super friendly and always welcome me in and see me out. The entire personal training staff are super talented and dedicated folks. And of course the countless friends I’ve made are all amazing individuals with their own unique stories.

I am getting closer to a 100 lb weight loss and enjoy every non-scale victory just as much. Onward I go with my humble, talented trainer Arek and my amazing gym community I’ve built for myself at my happy place. I live to inspire and in sharing my fitness journey I hope to do just that!"

- Sue, The Edge Fitness Clubs of Orange


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