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Brian and Pamela's Success With Personal Training

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on June 8, 2022

A Couple's Success Story at The Edge

"My husband, Brian, and I joined Edge Fitness in March 2022 to become more fit for our daughter’s wedding in May. Having already purchased a dress, I was determined to work out with a trainer to fit into it and look my best. This is when I met Alan. He immediately sat down with me, discussed my goals, and created a workout plan for me. Each week Alan gave me new challenges and each week I tackled them with his support and encouragement. He counted down the time for me, told me how many reps I had left, and praised my form and effort to help me push through. All along I thought I had to reach a certain weight to achieve my goal however, I learned on my journey it’s about how you look and feel and not about the number on the scale. By May, I had “only” lost 10lbs  but went down 2 dress sizes! I am thrilled with my results so far and feel the best I have felt in years. Our daughter’s wedding has come and gone and I could not have felt more beautiful!

My husband also enlisted the help of a trainer in order to help him achieve his fitness goals. Brian met Cameron and immediately connected with him. Cameron’s sense of humor and his commitment to helping Brian reach his goals is exactly what Brian was looking for in a trainer. They sat down together and discussed the goals Brian wanted to accomplish. Cameron developed fun and challenging workouts for him. He also personally reached out on several occasions to ask Brian how his workouts were going and then adjusted the workouts as needed. 

Brian and I are so happy to be on our fitness journey together and definitely recommend Alan and Cameron and the rest of the Edge Fitness training team to help you achieve your goals!”

Brian and Pamela Weisgerber,  Washington Township NJ

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