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Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Posted by Emily Webster on March 21, 2020

We are the lucky ones. Our Edge community is comprised of those who employ hope everyday. When we walk into The Edge, we are making a conscious decision to believe in ourselves and each other. Most of us have already realized that our body and soul benefit from taking positive actions towards our well being.

As fitness enthusiasts, we can now be bastions for positivity as we navigate through uncharted territory. The energy we put forth to make a class before or after a work day, can now be used to keep a positive perspective.

This is being called a "shutdown" but we are not shutting down! On the contrary, we are in real time devising new systems of coping. How we work, how we work out, how we shop, how we cook. . .it is all evolving. WE are all evolving! We are working out a new set of muscles. Our strength will not only come from continuing to exercise but by stretching ourselves in new ways. We are coming out of familiar cocoons and emerging as strong, creative, flexible, and patient beings.

An important immunity boost is the way we perceive the situation. Without diminishing the significance of COVID-19, we do not have to perseverate in gloom and doom. We are giving our air a breather, lessening the CO2 emissions, and communities are stepping up to support one another in big ways! We are, each of us, a part of a task force, given a unique challenge, in order to keep a common enemy at bay. There are so many ways in which we can reconnoiter the way we look at our given circumstances.

The word Corona in fact actually means crown! It was, until recently, most associated with the circle of light surrounding the sun. Even more remarkable, the sun's corona is only ever visible during an eclipse. So while we face what some are calling "dark days", we are the lucky ones, and we can choose to see a glimmer of hope and possibility during this time of uncertainty. We will believe in ourselves and each other and know that a circle of light and healing is headed our way.

We would love to hear your story! Share with us how your positive energy has impacted your life for the better during this unprecedented time in our lives.