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Recharge Your Body and Mind with Some Weekend Wellness

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 7, 2019

The Number 1 Thing to do This Weekend for Your Wellness

Your weekend to-do list is a mile long right?

  • Pick up groceries
  • Meal plan for the week
  • Wash kids’ soccer uniforms
  • Fold clean towels
  • Write Jenn a Thank You card
  • Pick out a teacher gift

It goes on and on.

You forgot one thing: Take care of yourself

Weekend wellness

As a mom, you’re used to putting your family’s needs above your own. Weekends are no different. You’re shuttling kids to birthday parties and sports games, all while trying to play catch up at home.

This weekend, take a different approach. Prioritizing your wellness is the most important thing you can do to take care of yourself and your family. When you’re healthy, well-rested, energized, and feeling good, your whole family benefits.

That can mean different things for different people. Start each new week off in the right frame of mind by using the weekend for your wellness and you’ll avoid burnout.

Here’s some ways to focus on wellness this weekend.

Weekend wellness 1• Take some me time

Me time as a mom is a coveted thing that only comes once in awhile. If having me time is what resets you and brings you peace and relaxation, then schedule it in this weekend. You can pamper yourself with a massage or pedicure, or meditate outside alone.

• Try a new workout outside

Visit a gym on the weekend and it’s a ghost town. That’s because it’s easier to schedule those workouts as part of our regular weekday routine. Opt outside this weekend for some physical activity. Being outside can boost happiness and lower levels of anxiety. Grab the family and go kayaking or for a hike together. You’ll get your weekend wellness in and spend quality time together.

• Get together with friends

Weekend wellness 2Having fun with friends can lift your mood and overall health. Grab your girlfriend for happy hour or try a new fitness class together. Choose a friend who always makes you laugh or one you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Once Monday hits and it’s back to grind, you’ll be glad you had some adult social interaction.

• Try something new

Taking care of yourself means taking care of your spirit too. Trying new things helps stimulate creativity and allows you to get to know yourself better. Be adventurous this weekend and step out of the ordinary. This can mean exploring a new part of your city or trying your hand at a new hobby.

Having a healthier weekend allows you to go back into the workweek refocused and recharged. You’ll need all the energy and excitement you can muster up to tackle life Monday through Friday. Don’t worry though, because you have next weekend’s wellness to already look forward to!