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The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on December 11, 2018

By Jenn Kuehn, National Director of Group Exercise

It’s more than a workout, it’s a way in. It’s a connection. Our minds and our bodies are intimately connected. People often join our clubs with a goal to change their physical shape but what they don’t realize is the mental strength that they are developing. We don’t just train bodies, at The Edge we change lives. 37615293_10160849839040650_2328347241980362752_o

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools in creating the body you want and the life you deserve. The way you think, will inform the way you perform and play a key role in your success. 

We know that feeling. We walk into a new class, whether it be a Pilates Class, an Indoor Cycling Class or an Edge Strong Class, and mixed in with our excitement, there is often a moment of doubt. Many of us will question our abilities, thinking “Yikes! I’m not sure I can do that!” Figuring out that we CAN, is why we are here. 

Inside these four walls, we will all have a time where we want to quit. What is so awesome is that . . .we don’t! We dig a little deeper, we deepen the challenge, we turn the spin dial a little farther, we lift the heavier weight, we hold that yoga pose a little longer, we believe in ourselves and we get stronger. When we push past the doubt, the mind body connection becomes apparent. We gain confidence by accomplishing what we once thought was impossible. You can not buy confidence, nor can anyone give it to you. You earn your courage, confidence, and connection by putting in the sweat equity. 

None of these achievements are attainable without belief. It starts with a mindful approach; your workout is the best way in to your best possible self. With intention and focus, you will find your personal fitness Edge!