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Plant Seeds

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on April 11, 2020

Looking around, the Spring season is upon us! We here at The Edge Fitness Clubs love Spring as it's a season of new beginnings. It’s time to start planting our garden! What do you want in your garden? We all have the power to plant whatever we want - a positive thought, an adventure, a new career- the possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose to plant, have a vision for it!

During our Monday Motivation Facebook chat, we discussed that the seeds you plant today will blossom tomorrow. If you want sunflowers in the Fall, you need to start planting seeds in the Spring. Our future is a direct reflection of our present actions. So ask yourself, what are you doing today to create your future tomorrow?

Now a garden does not grow overnight. With good soil, hydration, sunshine, care and patience, the seeds will begin to evolve into what they are meant to be.

The same sentiment holds true for YOU! We do not manifest our dreams or our fitness goals overnight. We know that it takes nourishment, effort, discipline, a solid environment and a good attitude, to fully evolve into our fullest potential.

A seed will not stay a seed forever. In order for a seed to grow, however, it must change, yes CHANGE! And we must change! Be inspired as you begin to see the fruits of your labor. Finding that you can lift more or seeing your posture improve, winning that race against your loved ones, or sleeping better, breathing better, feeling better...these are just some the flowers in your garden.

This month, plant your seeds. The effects might not be apparent right away, but together we will til the soil with determination and dedication, we will fertilize our garden with positivity and perseverance and watch as our BEST selves SPRING to life!

Plant a seed for YOU and your family, feed it, nurture it and help it grow!