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We're All Athletes

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on April 25, 2020

We are all athletes. Each of us possess the qualities and characteristics that make an athlete. For many of us, our childhood, high school and college days were consumed with being an athlete. For some of us, becoming an athlete happened later in life. Some of us were born with great skills, some of us developed our skills over time. In our early years, we were training for the after school game, the travel game, the state championship. As we progress thru the years, we have made that shift from training for a sport's game to training for the game of life!  While our backgrounds may vary, and our bodies may change, there is one defining aspect of being an athlete that remains a constant  - our mindset.  

Think about it. Whether you were born with mad skills or discovered them as an adult, getting stronger always took dedication and discipline. Whether it was about an upcoming tournament or prepping for the rigors of a new job, regardless of what kind of athlete you are, there is one commonality that we all share- our mindset!

This mindset is a key element to our success. 

As we grow through and go through life we realize that the athlete's mindset is applicable to more than just sports. It’s about life. It’s about going the extra mile, lifting another rep; pushing ourselves in life as we would in the Club. It’s about cheering on others, learning the best strategies, studying the game, creating a new “play” to score . . . it’s about achieving your goals! 

The best part of upholding an athlete's perspective? Realizing the strength of the team. Of course, there are tasks and challenges we need to tackle ourselves, but, more often then not it is about coming together as a community to make an even greater impact. That’s what we do at The EDGE- we come together as a team! 

As you focus on getting stronger, as you push yourself in and out of the Club; you are part of a bigger movement. You are emerging as a leader by example  You are inspiring those around you and motivating them to find their athlete. One of the many qualities that makes The EDGE who we are is that our biggest inspiration is often times the person right beside you from your Trainer to your fellow classmates in STRONG or Group X. We are pushing and inspiring each other. We are a TEAM. 

The inner athlete is always inside you.. but this time we’re not training for the game or the Championship- we’re training to create our best life!

And we are not doing it alone….we’re doing it together! This week focus on challenging your inner athlete and level up your training for life.