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How to Manage "Sunday Scaries"

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on May 12, 2022

 May is mental health awareness month, and we're all about shedding light on how to better take care of ourselves not only physically but mentally as well.  I'm sure we've all experienced a case of the "Sunday Scaries".  For those of you who have never heard that term, it refers to the uneasiness the evening before another work week begins and the responsibilities of Monday (or any day of the week, depending on your work schedule) begin to loom. It’s that anxious feeling you get before returning to work where your brain begins to spiral over the tasks that await you in the morning. Despite its nickname, these feelings aren’t specific to just Sunday, they can afflict you any night before heading back to the office after days off. 

What can you do to beat the Sunday Scaries? 

Adopt a mindfulness practice. Whether that's a yoga class, listening to a podcast or a meditation ... taking a moment of mindfulness can serve as a reminder that your time off is your personal time to do as you wish, relax, and unplug.

Get moving. Make sure to exercise or get outside - exercise is a natural mood booster!

Do something that sparks joy. Think of something that brings you joy and schedule it in. It can be anything from connecting with a friend, taking a walk, or treating yourself to a nice dinner.  Remember, a "Sunday well spent brings a week of content."

Write in a journal. Getting your thoughts out on paper can be a major anxiety buster. 

Make a to-do list. Writing down a list of your esponsibilities for the week can help you feel more organized and reduce your anticipation for the next day. 

Aim to have a  good work/life balance. Set healthy boundaries for yourself and work. The more boundaries you create and communicate with others, the more space you create for peace of mind and being mentally present. 

Try these tips out the next time you feel the scaries coming on!