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Get Trimmed and Toned with Our Group Exercise Classes

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 5, 2019

Trim and tone your way to your perfect shape with our group exercise classes. Strength training as part of your workout is essential to building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism.

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes break you out of your workout rut and help you avoid hitting plateaus. The instructors will show you new ways to work your body in a high-energy and fun environment. Here are our favorite group exercise classes for keeping trimmed and toned.


Get a dancer’s body by training like one. Barre workout uses a ballet bar and light weights for overall body conditioning that produces long and lean muscles. It’s a combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates and will get you trim from your head to your toes.

Why we love it: It’s a kick-butt workout and will help increase flexibility and balance.

Group Exercise Classes - barre 


Yoga increases strength, flexibility, and breath, while defining muscle tone. You’ll chisel your way to leaner muscles and a freer state of mind.

Why we love it: For the duration of the class, our mind is in complete concentration of our breaths and our movement. That means for one hour you don’t have to think about work or your rent payment.



Wanna get fit fast? Then Bodypump is for you! This group exercise class is a total body workout. The upbeat class uses moderate weights with lots of repetition to get you trimmed and toned in no time.

Why we love it: The high-energy music and motivating instructors help us achieve more than we would doing free weights on our own.


Tone your abs, butts, and legs in this 30-minute group exercise class. You’ll use resistance tubes and weighted plates, as well as your body weight to increase strength and improve flexibility.

Why we love it: Sometimes we just can’t find the time or the motivation to fit in a long workout, but a 30-minute class is quick and easy, and still a killer workout.

Try a variety of our group exercise classes to find your favorite. Changing it up on our muscles helps to keep them working and helps you reach your fitness goals. Grab a friend with our free guest pass and try a new class together!

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