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Get Fit with HIIT for Women

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 7, 2019

Want a 30-minute sweat session that burns fat and calories? Then you want to HIIT (it).

HIIT—High intensity interval training alternates between short bursts of really intense cardio with slower recovery periods. Your body works at its maximum for shorter segments, then you get a chance to recover and do the cycle all over again. Sounds like fun, right?

tricep dips

Knowing that the pain is short lived and that you’ll get a little break allows you to push yourself even more. Besides being super motivating, HIIT for women also offers the following benefits:

Helps your body burn calories all day long—Because you’re taking your body out of its comfort zone, it has to work extra hard to get back to balance after the workout. Meaning, you’ll continue to burn calories well after your workout is done.

Fast and effective—We know you want results without spending all day at the gym. Most HIIT workouts are 30 minutes or less and super effective. You’ll burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time so you can get your workout in and then tackle your day.

Improved endurance and stamina—Whether you’re training for a marathon or just want to tone up, HIIT can help. You’ll notice increased endurance and stamina in other aspects of life after doing HIIT workouts regularly.

When to HIIT (it)

Anyone who wants to get a quick and convenient workout can benefit from doing HIIT. HIIT workouts are especially great if:

  • You’re trying to lose weight

  • You want to up your fitness game

  • You’re looking to change it up and try something new

  • You’ve hit a plateau and want to get back to seeing results

3 HIIT workouts to jump start progress

HIIT for Women 2You don’t need a lot of equipment for a HIIT workout. Just find some space in our women’s workout area and get ready to push yourself! We’ve put together three simple HIIT workouts that you can do.

1. Simple HIIT Workout

Warm Up: Five minutes on the spin bike. Twelve reps of high kicks, squats, and leg swings.

HIIT Workout: Do each interval then rest for thirty seconds before going to the next exercise.

  1. 10 Pushups

  2. 20 jumping jacks

  3. 10 burpees

  4. Rest for one minute

  5. Repeat the cycle four more times

Cool down: Spin on the bike for five minutes to slow your heart rate down and allow your body to recover.

2. Basic HIIT Treadmill HIIt Workout

Warm Up: Brisk walk or jog for 5 minutes.

HIIT Workout:

  1. Set your speed to a very challenging pace. We recommend between 7 and 11 mph. Go all out sprinting for 30 seconds.

  2. Lower the speed to 3.5 to 4 mph and walk for one minute. This is your recovery period.  Do not leave the treadmill running at the higher speed and “hop” off for your rest interval!

  3. Repeat the cycle 7 more times for a total of 8 cycles.

Cool down: Walk at your recovery speed for five minutes.


3. Total Body HIIT Workout

HIIT for Women 1Warm Up: 10 front-to-back leg swings, 10 bodyweight squats, 2 inchworms and 50 jumping jacks.

HIIT Workout: Do as many reps of each exercises as you can for 45 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds before starting the next exercise.

  1. Pushups

  2. Squats

  3. Butt kickers

  4. Tricep dips

  5. Lunges

  6. Do this two more rounds for a total of 3 rounds.

Cool down: Walk on the treadmill for five minutes and stretch.

Don’t sweat it if you aren’t ready to go alone at your own HIIT routine just yet. Many of our group fitness classes include HIIT as part of the workout. You’ll get the same results and built in camaraderie. Just bring your A-game to the class and our trainers will do the rest!

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