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Food Swap

Posted by Kelly Scofield on September 13, 2021

A big part of fitness is nutrition...eating right for your body and the amount of exercise you're getting. Everyone is always looking for ways to make food healthier, easier or satisfying. Reminder: it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating more.. . more of the right foods! Let me start by saying there is no such thing as “bad” food! It becomes unhealthy when consumed in high amounts with little control or consistency. Everything in moderation!!

Food isn’t meant to be demonized! It’s meant to heal, fuel, and rejuvenate our bodies from the inside out! So we can live our days happier and healthier. Food is power. Let’s take that power back! Here are a few alternatives I’ve recommended! My goal as a trainer is to help people become intuitive eaters when it comes to food. This approach is what I believe in. I feel if you want to take back your life and stop stressing this is a great approach to try.

Here we go:

Bagels - high in calories and carbs and have little nutrients. They’re usually around 50 grams of carbs and have very little protein and can be high in sugars - switch to Dave’s killer bagels they are higher in protein, higher in fiber, lower in sugar and you can even add an egg on top to help with some extra protein if you struggle with getting your intake in!

Friendly note: There is no set calorie number for anyone. Each body absorbs foods differently so no one will ever know the exact amount of food YOU need. You can only estimate. Yes, you need to burn more than you consume, but if you're in a 1200 cal deficit or less .. STOP.

Egg whites ❌- GREAT as a low carb/ high protein snack!!! But very low in nutrients and calories! Try adding an egg, flax seeds, or chia seeds for omega and fiber along with a cup of spinach and berries on the side! This will fuel and level out blood sugar while helping fill any nutrient gaps.

Ice cream 🍦 - yes. I know! Who doesn’t love ICE CREAM!!!??? It's fine when consumed moderately, but if you're trying to lose weight we still need to burn more than consumed! So try this if you find yourself craving it more often: 1 scoop of protein, 1/2 cup of bananas or strawberries, 1 tbs of power peanut butter, ice, and Kelly’s secret formula don don don almond milk creamer!!!! It gives the same texture as ice cream, but won’t leave you feeling bloated, fatigued, and triggered due to high amounts of sugar!! This will satisfy cravings while helping stay on track while in a deficit!!! It’s easy, affordable and my client's kids love it too!

Next two - if you’re on a weight loss journey. Try switching peanut butter for powder peanut butter and olive oils/coconut oils for spray oil temporarily! This will allow more foods to be consumed because you're saving 300-400 calories. Many people don’t track the two. So they add up quickly. I always give these options because I’d rather my clients eat more lean meats and vegetables keeping them fuller longer!

"But first Coffee" ☕
If y’all are like me ...I will never give coffee up nor will I ever take coffee away. A Latte/coffee averages between 160-200 calories. Try switching creamer or milk out for oat or almond milk and instead of "4 pumps" at Starbucks, Dunkin, or your local coffee shop, ask for 2 pumps instead then add a scoop of PROTEIN and scoop of collagen powder! This will make your coffee filling, fueling, and satisfying!

I hope these helped at least one person today! Remember “LESS ISN’T BETTER”.