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Posted by Edge Challenge Fall 2019 Participants on October 31, 2019

"I missed a few days in the gym this week due to being sick but as soon as I got a little bit of energy back, I continued the strength and muscle building. Every day tasks that I've been doing for years at work seem to be getting easier each week! The diet is still going strong and we've been trying new recipes so the interest doesn't get lost. I've found a little extra motivation lately as my 8 year old son asks everyday if we can go to the gym. He loves the Edge Kids club!!

- Ryan, The Edge Fitness Clubs Cherry Hill, NJ

Ryan Week 6 Update

"Six weeks under the belt and I'm starting to mourn the end of this challenge. I feel like I've made so much progress but at the same time, nowhere near enough. I'm thinking now about the next Edge Challenge and focusing on building strength and muscle. This picture is from Aaron's Foundation class and it's kicking my butt! I cant seem to stop looking at the clock to see if this is the last rep. This coming Monday I have my last one-on-one training session which will be my first session with Shannon as my new trainer. I'm excited to see what she has for me to get me through my last two weeks."

-Jessica, The Edge Fitness Clubs Media, PA

jessica week 6

"Week 6!! Where has the time gone?! I've been hitting up Edge Strong classes like crazy and getting in a few runs a week - I had to miss my training appointment this week because my trainer was out, but we rescheduled to closer to the end of the competition which I think is probably better anyway. I weighed in after the challenge class this week and the scale finally budged, which was very motivating on top of my great InBody results from the week before! I also feel like I can see a difference in my face from a selfie I took on Friday vs. one from over the summer so that's nice (especially because I have engagement pictures this weekend and I've been super nervous about them!). I'm still loving this challenge and I'll be bummed when it's over because it's really made the gym feel like a big team!"

- Cinnamon, The Edge Fitness Clubs Christiana, DE

Cinamon Week 6