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Posted by Edge Challenge Fall 2019 Participants on October 17, 2019

"Week 4 has ended and I'm still going strong! We've made a few adjustments to my diet and I'm hopeful the weight will keep dropping. The Edge classes continue to give me the extra motivation I need to keep moving forward. Everyone participating in the Edge Challenge are all very encouraging and supportive of each other. A lot of extra work is going to be put in for the second half of the challenge!"

- Ryan, The Edge Fitness Clubs Cherry Hill, NJ

Ryan Week 4 Update

"This week was full of big wins, but also a lot of frustration. I attended several classes, including my first spin class (killer!), ran my 5k where I finished, didn't come in last, AND got my best time ever, and I stayed under my calorie goals while hitting my activity goals every day. That being said, the scale isn't moving and it's hugely frustrating. Especially when I see people in the Facebook group dropping tons or having the ability to spend hours at the gym every day, when as a person with a full time job and three kids with crazy full schedules it's a struggle for me to even get in a one hour class, maybe with an additional run. I'm not going to lie - I was feeling really down...and then I woke up sick Monday which didn't help! However, today I met with my amazingly great trainer, Kelly, and she gave me an InBody scan. This scan helped me realize, while I may not be seeing the scale move much, I have gained FOUR POUNDS of muscle and lost FOUR PERCENT body fat just this past month! That gave me the motivation I needed to kill our workout and then do a 5k on the treadmill while watching a movie in the cinema (which makes the treadmill much less "ugh"!)."

- Cinnamon, The Edge Fitness Clubs Christiana, DE

Cinamon Week 4

"I am happy to report that I continue to make progress in multiple areas this week. Not only have I reduced my body fat percentage, but results from a routine blood test last week show that I have reduced my cholesterol and triglycerides significantly! Both were dangerously high for the past several years but are now close to normal ranges. My friends, family, and coworkers are seeing a shift in me and many are quick to point out changes they notice!"

-Jessica, The Edge Fitness Clubs Media, PA

Jessica Week 4