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Posted by Edge Challenge Fall 2019 Participants on October 3, 2019

"Week 2 was a whirlwind! I continued to improve on my running as I prepare for my first official 5k race! Along with cardio, I have been participating in Edge Strong classes, the weekend Edge Challenge classes, and a variety of additional group classes. I also took several long bike rides, including a 6 mile trail ride with our youngest - her first actual bike ride since finally learning to ride without training wheels! Our family is having such a great time becoming more active and spending time together making healthier choices. I had a quick weekend getaway with our middle child to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - something we've had planned since her birthday in August. We walked to and from the hotel and the park - getting almost 11 miles in! I also managed to make healthy food choices, even with all the temptations of unhealthy options. Today I had my first one-on-one with my amazing coach Kelly, who is very supportive and motivating. I crushed the workout she gave me and then ran my first non-stop mile on the treadmill just because! I'm hoping that the results of my hard work start to show themselves!"

 - Cinnamon, The Edge Fitness Clubs Christiana, DE

Cinnamon B. Week 2

"One official weigh-in under the belt and having lost 6 lb since the kickoff, I am pleased with the results. Far beyond weight loss, I've noticed other significant changes. My energy level is up and my sleep has gotten so much better. In the past, waking up early at 7:30 AM for a challenge class on a Saturday morning would have been so unlike me. I've never felt so motivated to exercise and keep to a routine. I've met a number of members who are on their second or third Edge Challenge. Their enthusiasm and support are so inspiring! I find I'm struggling with weight lifting and body weight exercises, but I hope to see improvement in the coming weeks and challenge myself further with heavier weights."

- Jessica, The Edge Fitness Clubs Media, PA

Jesse EC Week 2

"Meal prepping is getting easier and is helping a lot! Keeping track of your calories, protein, etc. can be difficult but factoring everything in and making it all ahead of time really works. Starting to feel a difference in my stamina throughout workouts. You know it was a good class when you leave soaked in sweat!"

- Ryan, The Edge Fitness Clubs Cherry Hill, NJ

EC - Ryan week 2 Update

"This week I had a medical setback, my last gym workout was Monday. My other planned days I needed to improvise. Other times I would have let this set back turn into a quit and go back to old habits. I made an effort to go for walks this week in place of my regular workout. I was proud that my biggest accomplishment this week was improving my mindset during a stressful time. My trainer gave me advice on things I can do in the meantime. I’m looking forward to be getting back to the gym this weekend! I’ve already started to notice the stairs being easier to climb. These small victories are thanks to the Edge Challenge!" 

- Vanessa, The Edge Fitness Clubs Orange, CT