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Darren's Journey to 3rd Place and a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on May 6, 2021

"My name is Darren and I decided to complete The 8-week Edge Challenge to get myself back in shape before the summer. I needed something different, aside from lifting weights and trying to eat healthier on my own, to motivate me and I wanted to follow a structured meal plan and workout plan. I was assigned a personal trainer, Moth, for the duration of the challenge. When I first met with Moth we went over my fitness goals and did an InBody assessment. I weighed 205 pounds and was approximately 30 percent body fat. I had a goal weight of 175 pounds. After meeting with Moth, I realized that I was not working out my legs nearly enough and I was not doing the right type of cardio. Moth created a meal plan and workout plan that was designed to burn fat and build muscle.

When I began the daily workouts I noticed I was sweating a lot more then when I normally lift weights. I was also sore for two to three days after each workout. The cardio sessions were very hard to complete at the pace that was designed for me. I pushed myself day in and day out and stayed dedicated with my workouts and meal plan. Moth was always supportive and answered any questions I had. Every other week I had a one hour personal training session with Moth. Moth’s sessions were intense and pushed me to work harder, which was exactly what I needed.

As the weeks went on throughout the challenge, I was able to complete the workout sessions at a faster pace and my lungs felt better and better during cardio. I noticed my clothes began to fit better and my overall energy levels increased. By the end of the challenge I weighed 180 pounds and lost over 7 percent in body fat while not decreasing my muscle mass. I came in third place in the competition part, but more importantly I am closer to my fitness goals and I am living a much healthier lifestyle.

Throughout the challenge I never felt like I was on a “diet”, in fact, sometimes I felt like I was eating too much food! There was a weigh-in every two weeks at the gym which kept me accountable and motivated as results continued to show, the scale doesn’t lie. I encourage anyone who is considering doing The Edge Challenge to sign up and give it a try, you won’t regret it. I highly recommend Moth as a personal trainer if you are a member of the Deptford, NJ Edge." - Darren