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Brittany's Road to Success

Posted by Adam Spagna on January 22, 2021

Meet my client Brittany. Humble, kind, and one of the strongest people I've ever worked with.  Below is a blurb written by her, but she is too humble to admit that she's got a 275 pound deadlift and 120 pound barbell strict press to her name. One of the most amazing things about what I do is helping people realize their full potential and fall in love with the process! There's so much more to come, and she's an absolute treat to see every week and to watch progress. Too many more tricep flexes! But don't take my word for it:

"My heaviest was 196 pounds in January 2020. I am now 185 pounds. My percent body fat was 40. It is now down to 35%! I could barely lift an 8 pound weight for most exercises. I now regularly use 20 pound dumbbells and 35 pound kettlebells. I overall feel so much stronger and confident in my body.  Adam pushes me to my limits and I always look forward to my personal training sessions with him! I used to dread working out once a week, now I regularly work out at least 4 times a week!" - Brittany 

Brittany Success Story

From wherever you are to wherever you want to be, I'm with you. Come see me at The Edge in Warwick, RI and let's make it happen! - Adam Spagna, Personal Trainer in Warwick

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