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Teri's Fitness Journey

Posted by Teri, Edge Member on January 3, 2020

"My journey at The Edge in Deptford, NJ started on November 1, 2018 when I had my very first fitness assessment with my trainer Josh Stein. I did an InBody scan to see where I was at with my weight and body makeup. I didn’t realize that I had weighed the heaviest I had ever been until I did that scan.

With the information from the InBody scan, Josh set me up with a nutrition plan and we met up once a week for our personal training sessions. I started taking some Edge Strong Classes to accelerate my weight loss, help me gain muscle and lose fat. The classes are great and I was able to meet more people at the gym. As time went on people started noticing a change in my weight as it really started to show!

I entered my first Edge Challenge and did well but wanted to do even better. After talking it over with Josh, I decided to go to two sessions a week instead of just once a week. With the extra session, we were able to dedicate one day to upper body and the other to lower body. I continued with Edge Strong classes and stuck to the nutrition plan.

At my six month mark, I was down a total of 26 pounds and was down 5% body fat! I am not going to say that my journey has been easy as there were some obstacles that had to be overcome, but staying focused and having the support of my personal trainer I was able to make it through. At the end of my third Edge Challenge, I was officially down 40% body fat!

As time went on it seemed that I started to plateau. Josh decided to have me give up one class a week and do a specific workout that he created in place of that class. As my year anniversary was approaching, I did an InBody scan and the results were even better than I expected! My weight was down a total of 34 pounds, I had lost 9.2% body fat and have been on a steady increase of building muscle. This was amazing news especially since I had a medical procedure done that had slowed down some progress as I needed to recover.

I am happy with my results so far but still have goals to reach. I am staying focused and on track with my training and nutrition program to get there. I am thankful to my trainer Josh along with the rest of the Deptford Edge Fitness staff for keeping me motivated and positive."

-Teri, Edge of Deptford Member

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