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Achieving Weight Loss With Personal Training

Posted by Liz Heatter on March 28, 2018

Personal Training Client, Estela's Story


"I decided to start my weight loss journey after a recent trip home to El Salvador. During my trip people had noticed how unhealthy my weight had become. When I got home to Connecticut I knew I needed to make a change to become a healthier person. July 17 2017 was the day I met Liz.

Liz has helped me transform my body and mindset. She helped me devise a meal plan in addition to an exercise regimen where I work specific body parts on certain days. Liz not only has helped me put my plan in place, but she inspires me to continue on this road to a healthy life. What helps me to stay motivated and focused is to look at past photos of myself. I always had to hide myself behind my children in pictures. Now I feel so proud of my success that I am willing to take pictures of just me! I don't want to hide in pictures anymore.estela after.jpg


I attend Edge strong classes four or five times a week. I see Liz two times a week regularly.

The Dotfit supplements I am currently take are super Calcium, active MV, jointFlex Plus, Ultra Probiotic, Super Omega-3, Amino BoosterXXL
Dot fit .

I also drink plenty of water. I now eat a balanced diet of protein, healthy fats vegetables, some fruits, complex carbohydrates like rice potatoes and other whole grains. I try to avoid sugary sweets most of the time but it continues to be a struggle for me to avoid sweets.

I truly believe that the most important factor in my success is first deciding to join the Edge and secondly, hiring Liz as my trainer. These choices have changed my life.

My family has been so supportive of decision to take time for myself. I also believe I am a good role model to my children. They see how much happier I am when I put my health first. My husband, Victor, has been so supportive. He is active and athletic so he really enjoys that I go to the gym and we can now do more of these activities together. He also works with Trainer, Noah At the Edge and is also apart of the Edge challenge.

My trainer Liz is just what I need in a trainer. She is equal parts cheerleader and drill instructor. Liz knows when you need a little pick me up and when other times it is appropriate for her to push me harder. There is nothing negative I could say about Liz, she has helped me tremendously.

People often ask me for advice about how I lost so much weight and became healthier. I tell that the biggest thing they have to decide is if they are willing to make the sacrifice to a better way to live. It's a sacrifice to eat well and exercise, but it is a sacrifice that is so worth the reward."




Personal Trainer, Liz Heatter's Story


"I’ve been working with Estela for just about 7 months and I remember our first Fitness assessment in July and I asked her what was her goal and quickly responded 50lbs. At the end of our assessment I place a 50lbs red kettlebell in front of her and asked her to pick it up. She picked it up stared at me blankly not understanding that she was holding 50lbs. 'Estela, this weight you are holding represents what you will lose through this journey with me. Are you ready to lose that 50lbs ?!' From there she was motivated, focused and fiercely determined! Since then, Estela has lost 40lbs. HOW?! Consistent behaviors not only with her time at the gym but importantly outside the gym with implementing a food plan so she can stay on track and having her know she is accountable for her actions outside of the Edge.


What I love about Estela is she’s like a sponge always willing to learn new things and improve herself and the fact she is the kindest person I know! I appreciate her more than she appreciated me as I strive to have clients slowly and steadily improve themselves, not just physically, but mentally. If those are strong your success will only be temporary you will eventually slip back into old habits.


Estela’s got it! And I’m so very proud of her. We are going to keep pushing forward as she’s not done yet! Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish next year!"




Estela's Success


Within 7 months, Estela has lost 40 pounds and 11% body fat. She is down 3 1/4 inches in her chest, 5 inches in her waist, 6 inches in her hips,  2 1/2 inches in her arms, and almost 5 inches in her quads.



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