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The Wall Drive Drill

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on April 22, 2022

The Wall Drive is an exercise that predominantly helps to develop an athlete's ability to apply the appropriate force through the ground, during the stance phase, when accelerating. Quick acceleration towards ‘peak speed’ not only requires high ground reaction forces but also an ability to recover the leg quickly, sought partly through rapid hip flexion. The rate at which you can recover the leg in order to take the next step, during the first 10 meters of acceleration is critical. Developing the quickness of this movement will impact the entire acceleration phase. Both of these factors are supported by appropriate body position, and the Wall Drive Drill will aid in the development of all these physical characteristics.

In this blog, personal trainer Cory is demonstrating a wall drive progression! This exercise can be done anywhere and really reinforces proper sprinting technique and triple extension. Speed is one of the most important factors to anyone trying to improve their performance and get better at their sport. What does triple extension mean you might ask? This describes the extension in the ankles, knees, and hips and is a major key for force and power production. When athletes reach triple extensions and maintain proper body position, they are using the full extent of their power and force. This especially becomes important when trying to improve our running and jumping.


In the first video below, Edge Personal Trainer, Cory, is doing a static hold wall drive. This helps the athlete know what proper running technique/positioning should feel like. Bottom leg fully extended, hips directly aligned with the shoulder, weight on the balls of your feet, shoulders, and core upright and engaged.

HubSpot Video


This next video is a continuous wall drive, trying to simulate actual sprinting, the athlete continuously alternates their legs driving their knee-high toward the wall and extending the back leg into the ground. It’s important the chest and core remain engaged and tall throughout this exercise. Breakdown in positioning results in a loss of speed at any level.

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