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The Top 3 Pieces of Workout Equipment You Should Invest For Your Home

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on April 8, 2020

For many of you, myself included, we’ve come to the realization that it will be a few more weeks until we can return to our fitness family at The Edge. With all of us watching our finances, we wanted to share some simple, cost effective fitness tools that can help you level up your workouts without breaking the bank!

1. Jump Rope

We’ve been using them since we were kids any they have yet to go out of style; jump rope! It’s my number one pick. A jump rope is small, light weight and can travel with you anywhere - including The Edge. You can get a killer cardio workout with a jump rope! In fact, did you know you’ll burn the same number of calories jumping rope for ten minutes as you would going on a 30-minute jog?

2. Resistance Bands

These light weight items come in a variety of colors and varying degrees of difficulty. Resistance bands are as versatile as they are portable. You can throw them in your gym bag to bring to The Edge! From leg workouts to upper body, used alone or as an added challenge to your everyday workouts, resistance bands are an affordable way to enhance your fitness!

3. Yoga Mat

You don't have to be into Vinyasa Flow to make friends with a yoga mat! Your yoga mat will come in handy for any your Edge Live workouts. We all could add a little stretch to our daily routine and this simple staple will inspire you to increase your flexibility! Couple it with a few sets of abs and a run or a jog and BAM! you have yourself a workout! A Yoga Mat is for more than just Yoga!😊