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The Edge Cherry Hill Edge Challenge Success Stories

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on January 29, 2020

"On February 17th, 2020 I will start my 5th weight loss challenge at the Edge Fitness Clubs,Cherry Hill. Going into this Edge Challenge I have the same excitement I had with the past 4 challenges.Each time I enter The Edge Challenge I have a different goal and each time, due to my trainer, Laura, and my team (Team Laura) I have been successful in meeting my goals.

To put this in perspective, this year I will be celebrating my 59th birthday. No that was not a typo - 59. In the past I would NEVER embrace my age and would even get upset if it was mentioned but by training with Laura I have gained insight into myself, gained strength, and lost weight (a noticeable amount not only by me but also by many other Edge Fitness Club members who so often offer up compliments).

Laura has empowered me to embrace myself. To focus more on my health and wellness and not so much on the people around me. She has taught me it's okay to look in the mirror (something I still only do when I am at the gym and in one of her classes) to be patient, to nourish my body, and to workout smarter not harder.

Through ALL of her teachings I now have a new found CONFIDENCE (even the turf no longer scares me) and a FIERCENESS I didn’t even knew existed.

In short I love the Edge Challenge and I love Laura!"


"I first met Laura in August of 2018 when I joined The Edge. I was an overweight, 50 some year old woman who was tired, out of shape, and feeling like I couldn’t keep up with my teenage kids. I immediately felt comfortable with Laura because she shared her own story and was someone I felt comfortable with since she herself was once very heavy and worked hard to change her own lifestyle. Since then we have met weekly for personal training sessions and I also attended some of her classes. While I have gained muscle, the biggest thing I’ve gained is wisdom through the way she shares herself. During group lessons, while the clock ticks away for us to repeat an exercise for a certain time, Laura would talk to us and share meaningful reflections on life. I would leave with a sore body and a new perspective on life. Her words would help me grow as a person and heal past pains. Her example of pushing through and finding greater meaning in it has inspired and taught me so much. Laura has made my life so much better through the sharing of herself. She is a special, caring woman, whose desire is to help others and I know she has done this for me."


"I always feared the gym...too many people, too intimidating, just not for me. But, then I joined the Edge Fitness Club in Cherry Hill. I started the The Edge Strong classes and was dying because it’s a group training class and I’m awkward... Most of my classes were with a trainer named Christian. Christian can turn a class of strangers into a group of friends inspiring each other and cheering each other on like nothing I’ve ever experienced! If you're new, you are not alone in the corner your pulled in and included “no islands” this is a team a family we support each other that is what Christian pushes. He encourages us to keep each other accountable and motivates us to motivate each other. Another thing that stands out about Christian is he always has an alternative exercise. If your knee hurts & you cant do a move, ask him, he has a more comfortable move so you can keep going. But, if you are looking like you’re blowing through the class with ease he will push you by adding a higher weight or throwing in a twist and all the sudden you’re pushing harder then you ever knew you could! When I joined Christians team for The Edge Challenge he introduced me to different kinds of food options - some that will stay with me for life. Also, he introduced us to places to get healthier food options. Christian genuinely CARES about his clients he wants to see you get physically better and feel better. Your wins are his wins. I’ve been a member at The Edge for about 2 years now. It’s not scary or intimidating anymore, it’s family."


"I started working with Krystal just over one year ago when I joined the Winter 2019 Edge Challenge. Growing up I had always been athletic, but when I signed up for 8 -week Edge Challenge, I was the heaviest I had been in years. Krystal and I discussed my goals and she set me up with a nutrition and exercise plan.

I started following the plans we had set in place and started attending the Edge Strong Classes. I was excited as I began to lose the weight and see changes in myself. I felt stronger and was able to push myself harder each day.

Since I have started working with Krystal I have lost 85 pounds. She is always encouraging me and holds me accountable. She pushes me to do more than I ever thought I could. I can’t thank Krystal enough for helping along my weight loss journey. She has helped me make an important attainable lifestyle change, and I am stronger than I have been in years."


"If you need one reason to sign up for an Edge personal training program, it’s Krystal Luciano. When I signed up for the program I was the heaviest I’d ever been, weighing in at 243 pounds. Not only was I conquering obesity at this point but also severe anxiety.

When I met Krystal she was tough and pushed me every training session we had. As a matter of fact, at our first session she had me do a simple exercise with just body weight. I burst into tears because I couldn’t get through it. I just laid there crying. She looked at me and said “this is going to be hard, but if you put in the work you can do it.” And together we did it!

Krystal cares about the well-being of her clients, their progress, and just overall cares. Over time she learned more about me and my struggles. Surprisingly she didn’t run. She taught me how to use exercise as a form of stress-relief. And introduced me to The Edge Strong Classes. I loved the different exercises in the classes and it pushed me to talk to more people, so I made many friends. I started to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The Edge 8-week weight loss challenge was instrumental for me during my weight loss journey because it pushed me harder. Krystal’s team was fun and we all supported each other through the whole Edge Challenge. Between making new friends and reaching new goals, it was a good time.

Overall, I lost 100lbs in 14 months. I’m eternally grateful to Krystal and The Edge team for what they did to help me reach my goals. The benefits of the training program at The Edge are endless but the most important benefit is your health. These trainers can help provide you with a healthier life style if you’re ready to make that change.


"I am proud to say that I am a part of Team Laura lead by our fearless Trainer Laura Evangelista. On April 25, 2019, I became a part of this Edge Challenge team when I began training with Laura. I remember seeing Laura training her clients in the gym. She was easily recognizable as she would wear crazy socks and funky designed ribbons in her hair, sometimes even in pigtails. It was not unusual to hear a loud YEEEEAAAH resonate in the gym when one of her clients “killed it". I have always admired Laura’s energy and passion towards her clients and their health. Laura is not only passionate during her one on one training session but if you have ever entered one of her Edge Strong classes that same passion exists. In those classes we all become her clients. Laura is energetic, she pushes you to “pick up heavier weights”, “do more reps”, “hold in your stomach”, “give your all in these 45 seconds”, but everyone knows you better get to the next exercise in those 15 seconds and be ready to start on time!! Laura is a trainer who will encourage you to hold that plank for just 20 more seconds, not to give up. She is the type of trainer who will get on the floor and do the plank with you, talk you through it so you don’t quit on yourself. In her classes you work hard, but get results. You feel energized and are always looking for more; definitely looking for one of her famous homemade protein brownies or cookies at the end of class…yum!

Being on Team Laura has been an amazing experience for me. I have met some of the most remarkable people during the 8-week challenge. Team Laura is about meeting our own individual goals, but doing it together as a team. We all wear team shirts to show our unity, work out together during the Saturday challenge classes, but we also support each other throughout the week by representing in the Edge Strong classes together. I am fortunate to be with a trainer who dedicates her own time on Sunday mornings to develop a unique workout for our team that helps us to push each other a little harder. However, for Team Laura our dedication to each other goes beyond the 8-week challenge. Many of us continue to meet up for the Edge Strong classes, lift weights together, work out on the turf or simply encourage each other to stay another 10 minutes on the toughest of cardio machines; we even meet to walk the Benjamin Franklin Bridge or Cooper River Park. The unity that exists within Team Laura be it cheering each other on when we are successful, pushing and encouraging each other when we are struggling, and just being there as a positive reinforcement in and out of the gym all stems from the dedication and commitment we receive from our trainer and coach Laura.

Throughout this journey with Laura I have achieved many goals. I have lost a ton of weight, body fat and gained muscle mass. However, muscle mass is by far not the only thing I have gained…I have learned to love myself, to stay committed to me because I AM WORTH IT! In times when I was struggling because I had a setback with surgery or an injury Laura never gave up on me, she would say “we will work through it”. Every week she would develop unique training regimens for me so I could continue to achieve my goals. She would give me alternative exercises during the Edge Strong classes so I was able to attend. Laura truly has never given up on me nor would she allow me to get down on myself because I had a setback; no matter what, we would forge forward but TOGETHER. Laura has shown me that I can achieve so much more than I ever thought was possible. Little did I realize when I started working with Laura on April 25, 2019 that my life would be changed forever!"

- Edge Cherry Hill Member


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