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Supplement Like An Athlete

Posted by Matt Hannon on April 22, 2022


As an athlete, your physical performance is the most important thing when it comes to competing and excelling in your sport. Whether you run, jump, swing, swim, or shoot, taking in the right nutrients will ensure you are able to perform to your greatest potential. While supplements such as a daily multi and calcium are great for overall health, there are a few supplements that can be utilized greatly within the athletic community for performance. The three that stick out the most surrounding athletics are Whey Protein powder, Creatine and Amino acids. Here are some of the benefits of these important three.

Whey protein powder

  • Ideal for recovery and muscle tissue repair post-workout, first thing in the morning, or throughout the day to be sure you keep a steady flow of amino acids to your muscles and help meet daily protein needs
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis necessary to build lean muscle
  • Absorbs immediately, flooding your muscles with key amino acids


  • Enhances endurance and increased anaerobic capacity
  • Improves muscle recovery as well as fuels muscle strength and power
  •  Helps regenerate more ATP during high-intensity activity for longer performance

Amino Acids

  •  Building blocks of protein that support muscle growth, increased recovery and protein synthesis
  • Decreases muscle fatigue as well as has electrolytes to support adequate hydration
  • Aids in strength development and muscle function


 For any athlete, your body needs various nutrients to keep all systems go when performing an activity to prevent injury and to obtain peak performance. An important thing to remember about supplements is the quality. It’s best to find ones that are 3rd party tested for potency and ingredients, especially for athletes being drug tested because even if there’s a non-performance enhancing substance found in the supplements, they will not be able to compete. ES Fit supplements are used at the Edge because of those very reasons. If you're an athlete, talk to your doctor & your trainer and consider taking the following supplements:

  • Fish oil- joint & nervous system health
  • Protein- muscle repair, replenishment, & maintenance of muscle mass; also used as an energy source when glycogen stores run out
  • Electrolytes- to prevent cramping
  • Amino acids- recovery & anti-muscle fatiguing capabilities; act as a pH buffer
  • Vitamin D- helps increase bone density
  • Creatine- improves strength, power, & muscle recovery
  • Iron- allows more oxygen to be carried through the blood
  • Caffeine- increases energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • Antioxidants/Turmeric- reduces the impacts of free radicals on the body and helps reduce inflammation throughout the body

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