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#EdgeStrongWomen Series Part 3: Stronger Than Cancer

Posted by Jenn Kuehn on October 19, 2020

There is a perseverance, a transcendence, that we find when we need it the most. We tap into such reserves of strength through consistent training. One must train the heart, mind and soul with fearless commitment. One such warrior is found amongst us at The Edge.

Meet Kerry Quinn. Kerry is known at our Warwick and Cranston locations. She is a powerhouse multi modal instructor famous for her total body conditioning and spin classes. Kerry is a crowd favorite who, even after 20 years of teaching, still shows up with fresh routines and every intention of giving you the best workout of your life.

Kerry’s own life was forever changed this past year. While 2020 brought many people hardships and despair, Kerry has faced her hardest challenge yet. Kerry prides herself on a commitment to wellness. When she went for her routine mammogram in late May, she was relieved it checked out all clear. Working out six days a week, Kerry knows her body. Three months after her mammogram, after one of her signature workouts, Kerry felt discomfort and noticed a lump.

The radiologist had missed the cancer that has since spread to Kerry’s lymph nodes. Her journey will now include chemotherapy once a week for five months, surgery to remove the cancer, and then radiation. Her journey will also include calling upon a new form of resistance training. As her road gets steeper, every fiber of her being is getting stronger. Where anger and outrage could prevail, Kerry instead employs optimism and hope.

“I grew up without a Mother”, Kerry explains as she details a life where her mom “just up and left my dad and us kids. By the age of 6 I knew that life was not fair. My life was always so hard because of this but I choose not to let it ruin me." This industrious spirit has stayed with Kerry. Carrying a full-time job at South County Hospital, keeping a fierce commitment to fitness instruction, and making peace with her narrative by becoming a devoted wife to her wonderful husband Tim, and an incredible mom to daughters Maddy (21) and Lexi (17).

“I have been a part of the gym family since I was 15. It’s my escape and my passion.” Now for the first time in years, that outlet is not a possibility. “What I realize though, is that no one can take the feeling of connection and accomplishment away from me.”  You hear a lot about muscle memory - after working out for long consistent durations, a hiatus won’t lead to atrophy. The muscle will remember and get strong once more. Due to Kerry’s emotional connectivity to her work outs, her spirit has memory! She is still finding inspiration, comfort and strength from hours logged in on that gym floor.

Throngs of Kerry’s students are reaching out to let her know how missed she is and what a tremendous impact she has made on their lives. Kerry humbly admits “I never realized how much people appreciated me!”

Kerry was extraordinary before her cancer. This illness does not define her. The way she has reacted to this obstacle has only proved she is made of precious metal. We can all learn that hours spent at the Edge are about so much more than being in physical shape. Training body, heart and soul, we will build a foundation of strength that no 2020 year of COVID and cancer can EVER take away from us. We can learn a lot about the importance of self-checks and the virtue of positivity from Kerry’s story.

We celebrate Kerry and we vow to dedicate every drop of sweat to you. As you carry your gym family with you, we carry your energy and enthusiasm with us. For your perseverance, and transcendence, we honor you!!

Stronger than cancer