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Posted by Spring Williams on September 27, 2019

The phone call that I received on Friday, April 12th 2019 will always be etched in my mind. It was the end of the school day. My 8th grade students left to enjoy the weekend, the building was quiet, and I just sat down at my desk to exhale. A few days before, I had a biopsy done on a lump that I discovered a year prior. On the other end of that phone call was my breast surgeon sharing news that no one wants to hear. The results of the biopsy were in and I was officially diagnosed with mucinous carcinoma, a rare form of breast cancer.

In that moment, I was flooded with fear. The world around me seemed to be moving in slow motion, but thoughts of my family, friends, and responsibilities raced through my mind like a movie being fast forwarded. In a blink of an eye, the way that I lived my life shifted. I was challenged by a dear friend to decide whether I would let this diagnosis defeat me or strengthen me. As a fitness professional, 8th grade science teacher, wife, and mother of 2 boys I was aware that difficulties come in life to make us stronger. But, this was a little extreme...wasn't it?

Through this journey, I am learning that extremely difficult situations yield extreme strength. Each of my 7 rounds of chemotherapy killed cancer cells, blood cells, hair cells, but most importantly, it killed things in my life that prevented me from growing and seeing the beauty found in myself and others. Moving forward, the surgery and reconstruction that I will undergo will always symbolize how breast cancer did not take my life - breast cancer gave me life! The radiation that follows will polish the new me and give me a special glow. The hormone therapy will keep me balanced so that the old me stays in the past. This journey has had plenty of pain, tears, and emotional distress, but it doesn't compare to the joy that has been produced in my heart . My hope and prayer is that all people will allow the trials that come in to their life to bring deepen their character and expand their joy.
"Embedded within each person are diamond-like qualities waiting to be mined
bringing joy to our Maker, others, and ourselves." (Prevail Magazine)

-Spring Williams, Edge Fitness Clubs Group X Instructor


Spring Williams