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Sarah's Success with The Edge

Posted by The Edge Fitness Clubs on October 14, 2021

Our Edge Challenge is an 8-week weight loss contest designed to provide lasting fitness results. The next one kicks off this October! The challenge consists of one-on-one personal training, tailored nutritional programs, and team training, helping our members achieve their personal best. 

Our Edge personal trainers wear many hats: fitness coach, nutrition coach, cheerleader, counselor, accountability partner, and friend! They are there to teach and support you no matter what your goals! Check out Sarah's amazing testimonial below. 

"After countless times of joining gyms and falling short of personal goals, I finally found the place that made me feel like home. When I called The Philadelphia Edge, I was greeted with a warm welcome and someone who answered every question I had. Not only did I immediately check out the gym, I sat down to discuss individual goals and what I expected out of the facility. I asked for the best personal trainer that has drive and passion, and someone who could match my energy. A week later, I met Corrine Nusser. As vulnerable as anyone who comes to a new environment, she could not only relate to me and listen to what I had to say, but she could work with me and my background. I’ve played sports my entire life, and always was competitive and very driven, but couldn’t find my way into the gym. Many people come to Corrine and they all have different stories, the best part is many of them are successful because she had a passion and desire to help people, no matter who or what they are trying to accomplish. Corrine is someone more than a trainer, she is a friend, a supporter, and your biggest cheerleader. She sets an example by always showing up and being there for you, and anyone on her team or even the facility. I could not be as far as I am without her motivation and positive feedback, she holds me accountable. During The Edge Challenge, many of the trainers got together and made every week something to be proud of. The amount of teamwork that is in this gym is immaculate, each person who is a part of the team, even the members, are driven. The Edge has made me feel so comfortable, it's almost like a second home. Corrine has pushed me to achieve most of my goals, we are still working on it, and I’m excited to continue working with her!"

- Sarah C. (Edge Philadelphia)

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